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Sunday, October 4, 2009

General Conference

I really enjoyed conference this weekend. I felt the spirit so strong in every talk. I am so thankful that we have living prophets today that lead us and guide us through these challenging latter days. To help give us hope and faith to carry on, to give us the tools we need to keep going even when it seems impossible, to uplift us when we fall, to find our way back to the iron rod when we are lost. I think the reoccurring theme through this entire conference was love. To love ourselves, to love our neighbors... to serve them and to not judge, and to love our heavenly father. One of my favorite talks was by Elder Bednar, when he spoke about being more diligent and concerned in our homes. His 3 main points were: #1- Express love and show it #2- Bear testimony and live it #3- Be consistent, even if you feel like you are not getting results.
After this general conference, I feel like I have so much to work on. But I suppose that is why they have general conference every 6 months and church every Sunday... so we continue to strive to be our best and Aline our will with the lords. I'm just glad that he only expects me to do my best, and not to be perfect.


Erin Masi said...

That was one of my favorites too! His talks are always so methodical and ordered! I love it! Such a great one!

Lynette Mills said...

Tracy, your words are so true...especially for you right now. I love you and am so glad that you have remained a faithful daughter of God. You are an amazing person!

politicchic6 said...

I also enjoyed conference. But I generally enjoy staying in my PJs until the middle of the day and Conference is a perfect excuse!

jamie hixon said...

Amen, sista. Elder Holland was also on fire. He bears such strong testimony.

I also liked Elder Christopherson's talk. Interesting to view government in that way.

THE LIZARD'S said...

Yes, I thought Conference talked alot about love and service too! ps. I really like that SPOOKED idea. call me if you need or want to!!! but I did just hang up with you..ha.