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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Family Singing

After being in AZ with some of my family last weekend, I was reminded of another thing that I love about my family. I love to sing with them. It was so fun to sit next to my mom and sisters in church and singing all the different parts to the hymns. My mom will sing tenor an octave higher, I always take alto and Jamie and Lori will usually take soprano. Growing up with a mom and dad that both like to sing and play guitar and my mom also plays piano, gave me my passion for music. My sisters and I all did choir in high school (except for Lori, although being Mills, the choir director tried hard to get her in there) and we love to sing together around the house making up harmonies to any song (you have never had the Happy Birthday song sung to you like it is done at our house) and one of our favorite family Christmas traditions is going Christmas caroling to ward members homes and to people who are less active or at the retirement home. We also grew up being asked to sing at church in sacrament meeting, firesides, baptisms and whatever else. We love it. Singing makes me happy. I have a couple recordings of my mom, my sisters and I singing. Thought I would share one on my blog, although it is not the best recording... you get the idea. Sometimes I watch these video's of us singing or listen to the songs we have recorded on CD when I get a little home sick and it makes me smile.


Lynette Mills said...

Who taped that? I had no idea it existed. Wish we were all together so we could do it more often.

jamie hixon said...

I don't even remember that at all. When was that? I look skinny, it must have been before I had Asher.
Was I singing that high stuff at the end? I honestly don't recall ever learning this version of this song.

T-Ray said...

It was before I moved to Utah... so it was a long time ago... like 6 years ago or so. I think Geedge video taped it on my camera for me. I don't remember either, but I watch it every once in a while. Yes Jamie... you are singing the high stuff. I remember really liking this arrangement of this song. But we learned so many things last minute... I don't remember why we sang it or when.