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Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Dinner Party

I have mentioned many reasons why I like the fall.... another reason is the food. I decided it would be fun to have a fall dinner party, so I made the Sassy Salsa Pumpkin Soup that I mentioned in the "Hungry Girl" post and added sausage. It turned out amazing. Tina made an awesome salad, Ashlee made corn bread from scratch and Allyson made Halloween decorated sugar cookies. Everything tasted so good and it is always nice to have a big dinner on Sunday with a group. I had been missing that lately.

In case you are wondering why we have pumpkins on our plate... I thought it would be more festive to not just have pumpkin soup, but to eat the soup out of pumpkins. Everyone got a kick out of it. We talked about how cool it would be that when you grew pumpkins and cut them open, instead of having that nasty gook, there was hot yummy soup inside or pumpkin chocolate chip cookie dough. That would be awesome.


Miss-tearious said...

OMG, fun! The pumpkin soup bowls are so neat! I want to try these: http://www.shivayanaturals.com/2009/10/deep-breath.html

(Scroll down until you see the apples)

Lynette Mills said...

Last Sunday meal in that house....the end of an era. Looks like it was good. You are starting to be a great little cook.

jamie hixon said...

So cool. I really wish I lived closer to you.

Desiree said...

Mmmm! Everything looks so YUMMY! I want some pumpkin soup in a pumpkin! So fun! I love it.

Whitty said...

Kay, I still need to get the Pumpkin Chili recipe, because I loved it. I think it tasted better coming from inside a pumpkin :) Only you, Trace, only you...Watch out Martha Stewart!!

Cheryl said...

yummy...cookie dough from the garden! Sounds like a new, extra tasty and garden fresh (good for you) kind of treat