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Friday, October 2, 2009

Brent's Birthday!

Yesterday was Brent's 28th birthday! I decided to make him a cake and throw him a little party. It was pretty low key... just me and my roommates and then I invited Brent's sister Diane and her cute little family. I had a lot of fun making his cake. People laughed at my idea... but I thought it turned out cute. I got the idea a long time ago since Brent likes to fish. I think people didn't like the idea of me putting a photo on top of a cake, but I thought it was awesome. I could tell Brent did too, and that is all that matters. :o)

I was pretty successful with picking out his gifts as well. I got him a buckle shirt (as I always do... in fact, in these pictures he is wearing the clothes I bought him for Christmas) and then I got him measuring tape that hooks on to his fishing net so he can measure his fish that he catches. I also bought him a dutch oven recipe book and a camping pillow. Brent is always so thoughtful when giving gifts... so I thought I would try to be more like that instead of just getting him clothes.

I am glad that Brent was born and that he came into my life. He is a handsome and special young man that I love very much! Happy Birthday Handsome!


Lynette Mills said...

Great idea for the cake. Swedish fish made it all work :o)

Cheryl said...

i LOVE what you did. But as I always tell you, you just are good at being cute and being crafty. So I think that makes for cute crafts (including his cake). Happy Birthday to Brent!

THE LIZARD'S said...

I like the cake and I think that the picture on top makes it seem more personal and special! good gift ideas!