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Friday, January 22, 2010

Blustery Night

Last night the wind was blowing so hard. I was inside for most of the night, so I thought it sounded pretty loud, but I didn't know how intense it really was until I went out later that night to visit a friend and saw the damage it had done. Either the Deer Haven fences are weak or the wind was intensely strong OR both. Anyway.... even taking these pictures, the wind practically blew my purse off of my shoulder and the camera out of my hands. It was all kinds of crazy!

Turns out a lot of people ended up moving their cars that night.


Jon and Rachel Van Wickle said...

I know!! It was soo crazy last night. I hope your car was parked in a good place!!

T-Ray said...

It was. And our fence is still intact also. :o)

Melissa Suzanne said...

BOTH. My huge flower pots blew away, so I was walking outside looking for them and the wind almost knocked me over! It was crazy, I thought we were going to have a tornado on our hands. Bleh. Well, if you find a huge flower pot laying around anywhere, it's probably mine. :(

Trevor and Colette Riley said...

That is soooooo CRAZY! I can't believe it. How are things? I hope you can make it to my baby shower next Saturday! We sent out invites but I don't know if you have gotten it yet. I am hoping APX girls can come that would be fun!

Lynette Mills said...


politicchic6 said...

Yikes, yeah, my home teachers TRAMPOLINE flew 20 ft in the air and landed two houses down. Happily it missed fences cars and a boat. That was one crazy storm!