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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tracy's Tasty Treats

If I had a blog dedicated to recipe's... I think that is what I would call it.

When we moved on Halloween... there were a lot of sweet friends in the ward that helped us. I told them that day that I owed them big time for helping us move our entire house and in good time. I promised them that I would make them an awesome dinner. I had kind of forgotten that promise for a while and remembered recently. I never back down on a promise, if I say I will do something... you can count on me to do it.

Yesterday was the day! Ash and I planned out the menu and bought all the food on Saturday and I started some of the stuff on Saturday. Sunday after church Ash and I spent the entire afternoon cooking our little hearts out. It was a lot of work, but I think cooking is fun, and Ashlee is a great sous chef. My favorite part of Ash being my sous chef is that she will bust out into song with me. While we were cooking we were rocking out to our new favorite group ROC, that we recently discovered by accidentally going to the wrong musical fireside. Best mistake ever! My friend happened to be in the group and she copied some of their Cd's for me. Thanks Ginene!

Although I spent lots of time prepping for meals and making some of the desserts on Saturday and spent all of our free time cooking on Sunday... we still would not have made our dinner appointment of 5:30 if our good friends Chalyce and Isaac did not come over early and offer to help with the meal. They cut up all the fruit.Thanks guys! You were a life saver! I bet you are wondering what was on the menu? Well... it was a feast, but here is what Ash and I made for the party....

The fruit was beautifully displayed by Chalyce & Isaac. The cream cheese fruit dip was a big hit. I got the recipe off another blog.


Sweet & Sour Chicken
(this is like orange chicken at Panda, its amazing)

For dessert, chocolate fondue!
We had lots of goodies to dip, including cake balls & Oreo truffles (just leave off chocolate coating). This was my first time making Oreo truffles. SO GOOD!

The Chef & Sous Chef with our Masterpiece Meal!

Also had rolls, salad, chips & salsa, salmon cakes (made by Ash) and I also made the "Sassy Salsa Pumpkin Soup" which is always a big hit.

P.S. I am sad that I didn't get a picture of all the people there. What was I thinking? I was pretty excited to eat after all the work that went into the meal I guess.

P.P.S. If you would like me to post any of the recipes of anything I made, please leave a comment telling me which one you want me to post.... and I will.


Mrs. V said...

yum! I would love to know how you made that sweet and sour chicken. It sounds delicious.
Very beautifully presented as well, great job :)

Lauren Graff said...

Tracy! You can do everything, you are so talented! I love your blog, you inspire me to update mine more often. Hope everything is going well at Novell. I miss you girl!

Kristy said...

Wow Tracy! That looks amazing and you presented everything so well. Good job.

whitty said...

Yay!! It's easy to be the sidekick to a culinary wizard such as yourself. Remember when I declared I hated cooking, as I wrestled with the crumbling salmon cakes? Ha ha! :)

Sharon said...

Hi Tracy, This is Ashlee's mom. Your meal was presented beautifully. And, the variety of food, very impressive. I would like the recipe for the sweet and sour chicken and the cream cheese fruti dip. Thanks. I agree that cooking with Ash is a blast!
p.s. I copied your recipe for the pumpkin soup. I am eager to try it.

politicchic6 said...

That soup was pretty great, you should send me the recipe. I am slowly converting Alan to soups. In the past he hasn't been a fan

THE LIZARD'S said...

woa..i want to eat the chicken right off the screen! you are gonna make some lucky man very happy one day! I wish I could cook something before I got married.ha.

Logan said...

I'd also like the sweet and sour chicken recipe...I love me some Panda orange chicken, so anything similar will be a blessing from heaven!

jamie hixon said...

I just want to come to your parties. But post all those recipes, just in case I ever feel like cooking from a recipe again.