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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. Smooth

February 2005 my friend Monica and her cousin Melissa are at the store. They run into this guy that Melissa knows. Being the friendly chatty person Melissa is... she says hi and they start to chat. Monica being the hockey recruiter that she is... even though she barely knows this guy, invites him to drop in hockey. He commits, they exchange numbers. The night he decides to go... for some reason it is canceled so he comes to the Riviera to hang out. This is how I meet him. We all decide to hike the Y together that night. He hiked with me a bit, I thought he was a nice guy that I would probably never see again.
The next week he comes over again. He hangs out with Monica and I. He decides to go home and wants me to walk him to his car. I am thinking why? And not really going with him as he leaves... so he drags me out the door with him. So I start walking with him down the stairs and then he leans me against the railing on the stairs and leans in. I ask him what he is doing... which clearly ruined his romantic moment. So we continue to walk to his car. It is kind of uncomfortable at this point... but I try and laugh it off. Then we get to his car... he tries again. He leans me against the car and leans in until we are nose to nose and then stops. All the sudden my ex boyfriend Scott gets out of a car right by us. He obviously saw, so I said hi. Moment ruined again. ha ha. He went home, no kiss.
Later I started going to the temple to do baptisms on Wednesday nights. Guess who is baptizing? Yep... same guy. This is when I started referring to this guy at "Temple Boy". It was kind of awkward at first... but I decided it shouldn't be that big of a deal, so I continued to go Wednesday nights even though he worked then. I just had to tell him to stop flirting with me in the temple because that is not why I was there and other girls were getting their feelings hurt. Seriously... I would try to ignore him, but he would keep staring and smiling until I smiled back. There were times I would hear girls next to me make comments like "Does he know you, or does he only flirt with the cute girls?". She was so sad.
Anyway, temple boy and I became friends. He would take me for motorcycle rides, he would come to parties that I would through, etc. One night in March 2006, he calls me and asks me if I want to go get an ice cream cone with him. I said sure, so he came and got me and we went to McDonnald's and both got an ice cream cone. I thought he was just going to drive me back home... but then he passed my house.

Temple Boy: "Hey, have I ever taken you to my secret make out spot?"
Me : "Umm... no.... and I don't think you need to"

So... he continues to drive up towards the lot where you would park to hike the Y, but then turns to a little spot the other way that dead ends. He then parks there as we continue to eat our ice cream and look at the view of the beautiful city lights. As he is eating his ice cream he starts pretending to be looking for something behind my seat. He is leaning towards me and putt his arm on my seat. He is being super weird with his conversation and things just become too awkward for my comfort.

Temple Boy: "So this is my secret make out spot, cool huh?"
Me: "Umm... ya. I don't know how much of a secret it is... I mean... I have been here before."
Temple Boy: "Oh really?... Uh......"
Me: "Listen, thanks for the ice cream. Really I appreciate it, BUT... you are being awkward, so do you think you could take me home now?"
Temple Boy: "Oh, ya... umm... sorry."

He then drove me home and walked me to my door and gave me an awkward hug goodnight. Poor guy, he was probably expecting something like the picture below to happen that night.

Oddly enough after that, we still hung out and were friends. He would occasionally take me out to dinner or other dates. People always ask us how we met.... which was random (which is why I explained it first before I started the story). I run into him in random places. Like he was kind of dating a girl I worked with at Apx, so he started coming to our softball games and he would talk and cheer for me more than he would her. He is so weird. I saw him at the temple this last summer... he hasn't changed one bit.


s a r a s o d a 1 said...

I remember "Temple Boy" stories!!!

Holbrook Girls said...

Okay, seriously? He does sound strange! :)

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Another one of your classic crazy boy stories! You need to publish your crazy date book someday! You are quite the hottie though, so I can't blame the poor guys!

Lynette Mills said...

Strange as it may sound, I would like to meet "temple boy". Anyone who spends his time serving in the temple can't be all that bad. I'm glad you are friends.

jamie hixon said...

Well, what is so wrong with this boy? He sounds like he really likes you.

T-Ray said...

THE POINT IS HE IS SUPER AWKWARD.... That is why I tell these stories! Maybe you would just have to meet him to understand.

Todd and Christianne said...

That is so funny. You have some great stories!

THE LIZARD'S said...

oh... always got a good dating story, dont cha, Trace? I thought that picture was so funny ...where do you find these photos?! ahhh... awkward dates... been there.