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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last week I was showing my dating book that I started to a couple of friends and let them read through a lot of the stories. It got me thinking that there are more stories that I have not added yet. This got me thinking of donating blood. You are probably thinking that is totally random, but I have had some interesting things happen to me when I go donate blood at the Red Cross.

First time I donated blood was back home in Santa Barbara when the Red Cross would come to the church. I always saw my family members go donate blood. They were such a good example to me. Watching them donate made me want to donate. I believe everyone in my family has donated blood at least once except for my brother Chad.... who is scared. Go figure, the only brother. Anyway... donating blood is great. No, you don't get paid like you do with plasma, BUT you do get yummy snacks and juice. You also get to pick the color of your bandage they put around your arm when they are done. Sometimes, you get stickers.... like this one

I think my second year living in Utah, I went and donated blood with my roommate Britt. We went to the Red Cross to do it, so they now had my phone number. Since I had O+ blood (which rocks, but doesn't rock as much as O- blood) they would call me every time I was eligible to donate which is about every six weeks. I went most of the time, so I ended up donating over a gallon (over time) of blood at that Red Cross. When that happens... you get this pin.

Cool huh? Don't you want to donate now? I do. It has been a while because I had to wait a year after going to Guatemala. But I can now... so I should. Anyway... Here are some of the things I have experienced while donating blood at the Red Cross in Orem, Utah....

#1- This one was actually awesome. I was the last one to donate for the night and someone came in to get treats at Arctic Circle for the employee's. Since I was the last one there and still pumping blood, he offered to get me an ice cream too. I said no thanks. He was such a nice guy and didn't take no for an answer. By the time I was done pumping out my pint of blood, he was back with an ice cream cone for me and the other employee's. I thought it was so nice. It made my day and ice cream is way better than the treats they have there. Did it make me want to go back and donate again? Yes it did.

#2- There are pretty much the same people that work there that I would see every time I went. There was an older man that worked there. I got him one of the times that I went. This is the first time that someone had stuck the needle in my arm and I didn't feel a thing. I was impressed. So I told him how good he was. He took that as an invitation to grab a seat and sit and talk to me the whole time I was pumping out blood. No escape. Awkward conversation. He was telling me about how a guy my age came in once and was telling him he was from California and that he didn't know who his dad was (not sure how that got brought up). Then this man told the guy "I could probably be your dad... you are the right age". I didn't know what to say to this, so I was silent. Then he continued talking and telling me that he slept around with so many women when he was living in California that sometimes he wouldn't know their name until after they had slept together. So that boy could be his son. I still have nothing to say to this... so I smile and nod. I think I pumped out the blood faster than normal this time around (except for the time I raced with my mom).

#3- I had a nice lady who was asking me the normal questions... you know what I am talking about... the questions like "Have you slept with a man who has slept with another man" type questions. After the questions and taking my blood pressure and such, she smiles at me and we have this conversation.
Red Cross Lady: "Do you have a boyfriend?"
Me: "Umm No.... why?"
Red Cross Lady: "Well, you are a super cute girl and just seem like fun, I wanted to set you up with someone"
Me: "All I have done is answer No to all of your questions except for Yes to "Am I feeling Well Today" who is it that you want to set me up with?"
Red Cross Lady: "Oh... my husbands best friend. After I am done taking your blood I will get your phone number and give it to him if that is ok."
Me: "Umm, sure. Why the heck not. "
Red Cross Lady: "Awesome. His name is Travis, super nice guy. One thing though... he is from Eureka Utah, do you even know where that is?"
Me: "Nope, never heard of it"
Red Cross Lady: "I will make sure he calls you"

Don't worry, Travis called me. I could tell on the phone that he was a hick... but I didn't want to judge before I went out with him. So he drove an hour from Eureka to Provo to take me out to dinner. He assured me that his friends wife NEVER sets him up randomly like this, so he was excited. I always try my best on dates... even if I am not interested at all, I still try to have a good time. I tried really hard to find things to talk about with Travis. He was a little overwhelmed with the "Big City" of Provo. I never thought Provo was a big city... and he told me how he went to SLC once and almost had a heart attack. I am thinking... wow, Eureka must be a REALLY small town. All he could talk about was his high school days. His graduating class was 22 students. 20 guys and 2 girls. He had never left Utah before and just had his friends that he grew up with. As nice as Travis was... that date ended after dinner.

I'm sure there are other blood donation experiences that I am leaving out.. but we will leave it at three. So there you go. Go Donate Blood! You will save a life AND who knows what other exciting things could happen. :o)


politicchic6 said...

I am also O+ and I also have one of those pins. Finally I had to stop donating because I am getting track marks as they can only take from my left arm. I was never offered a set up, but I have some good stories as well!

jamie hixon said...

I should have one of those pins... but I don't. Maybe they only give them out in Utah?
Yeah, I love donating blood. And yeah, there is always something "fun" that happens to you while you are there.
Crazy stories.

Miss-tearious said...

Well, I haven't had any crazy experiences like you! Lol, I'll consider myself lucky.

The Red Cross keeps calling me too, and I'm only A+! Want to go donate together sometime?

Lynette Mills said...

Giving blood is a good thing!

Desiree said...

I busted out laughing at your "She asked me all the normal questions... you know like have you ever slept with a man who's slept with another man?" WHAT!?! I'm surprised you're meeting these people in Utah County. Wow! I've tried giving blood, but they didn't want it. Boo! Something about not having enough iron. I can't take the pills, I have to eat legumes. sick! Not happening. My blood does me just fine!:)

Abby Wright said...

Well first off I am O+ to so we are now doner buddies. Another thing is I give blood all the time for the red cross and I have always been scared cause when I ask how long they have been doing this they look at their watches. Also I have been to euphrata or how ever you spell that and it is so small that high school is the only thing that happens there. Love your stories!

Bethany and Shanam said...

Great stories! Get this...I've given blood on a date!! LOL.