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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Goodbye Activities...

After being on the Activities Committee for 4 years (3 in this ward and I was the activities chair in my last ward for a year) I was finally released today in church. I honestly didn't think it would ever happen... I thought it was my eternal calling. Don't get me wrong, I have always liked being on activities. I'm good at it. I usually come up with fun activities (probably because I have the Peter Pan Syndrome *Never want to grow up*), but alas... my time is done.... for now. I am a little sad and I may go through with-drawls for a little while and get offended when I see someone else sending out emails for the upcoming activity instead of me, but I will survive. It is time. I have seen the activities committee completely transform in the 3 1/2 years I have been in the ward through 4 sets of co-chairs. So what does the ward have in store for me now? I am an FHE Mom which I guess isn't really that different from activities if you look at it. I am just going to be planning activities with one other person on a smaller scale and weekly instead of monthly. So there you have it.
In memory... above is a picture of the activities committee from back in 2007. We are all dressed up because our activity was "Recess, Come Relive the Glory Days"... once again, my idea, me loving to be a kid. I actually came up with this activity when I was Activities chair in my previous ward. Anyway... we dressed up because to introduce our activity to the ward, we did a skit. I was the school teacher, and we also have the principal and the lunch lady that came into my class room to explain the rules of the activity to the kids (aka, the ward). It was cute but maybe you had to be there.


politicchic6 said...

Hey Tracy-- I tried to facebook you today, but my facebook is being lame. I can get messages, but not send thime out! It happens. Either way, send me your email and we can plot the get together.

Whitty said...

A bittersweet day for all...But, you do have a point: FHE Mom is really like a mini activities committee calling :) I'm excited that you'll be my mom, though! Our family is going to rise to new heights of awesomeness. No doubt.

Lynette Mills said...

I expect pictures of your little family Tracy... I want to know each of them by name.

Bre Ahrens said...

Hey Tracy! Glad you found my blog...and now I found yours! :) Yeah, Mark and I are expecting twins in a couple months! So crazy. I still can't believe I married Mark Ahrens, let alone am having his babies. lol.

Tell Sara I said hi and I love her shoes (because no matter what she's wearing on her feet, I always love her shoes.)