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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dentist Haiku

Morning of torture
I'm tense sitting in the chair
Now my mouth is numb

Yucky smells and
My mouth stretched to its limit
Drilling seems endless

Today, three fillings
Grateful it's not root canal
Choice of color? White

Wish there were no more
Must go back in a few
The dentist was nice

Morning of torture
Beautiful smiles are pricey
My mouth is still numb


jamie hixon said...

I love you.

Lynette Mills said...

Do you have another dentist appointment?

T-Ray said...

I go back in for the rest of my fillings on Feb 18th.

Rachel V. said...

haha I hate the dentist! and I get cavities all the time :( sorry, I hope it isn't too bad!

whitty said...

Awesome poem! That picture is manky - Eew :)