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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 39

I never thought I would say this but.... yesterday I bought my first pair of skinny jeans. WHAT? I know... I still feel weird about it. What I do feel good about though is that they were only $10. Thank you Forever XXI. This way if I hate them, I have not lost out on a lot of money. I don't love skinny jeans. The only reason why I bought a pair is because I LOVE tall boots over jeans, so far I have been tucking my regular jeans into my boots. It gets bunchy and hard sometimes, so I figure I will see if the skinny jeans work out better.

On my flight to Chicago I was on a pretty small plane. Two seats on each side of the plane. I always look at the group waiting in the terminal to get on the plane and wonder who I will have to sit next to since I am usually traveling solo. I keep my eye out for younger cute guys. I always spot at least one, check to see if there is a ring on his finger and then wonder what my chances are that I will get to sit next to him on the plane. Does anyone else do this or used to do it (if you are married now)? I can't remember the last time that worked out in my favor. I usually do get a guy that sits next to me, but they are guys like the guy that sat next to me on the way to Chicago. This guy was older, his wife sat on the other side of the isle from him and wanted to sleep (we had a pretty early flight) and so he decided he was going to talk to me for the majority of the flight which was close to 3 hours long. He told me he had a daughter my age (or he thought he did because he thought I was 22) he also told me that he and his wife are both the black sheep of their families because they grew up Mormon and rebelled against the church and didn't want any part of it. He told me all about how he and his wife are both on their second marriage because his first wife just decided she didn't want to be married to him anymore but they are still good friends and have parties together and stuff. He told me he makes signs for a living, but his dream is to open up a coffee shop. I told him I would also love to start a cafe' and was thinking of a name. He said he thought of a name for his place and he would only tell me if I didn't steal it (like I would do that, plus, I am not opening up a coffee shop). He loved the name so much he got a tattoo of it on his arm. Don't worry, he showed it to me. Finally he turned to his wife to talk to her for a bit when she woke up and I got to have a little shut eye. I woke up in time to hear all about how their connecting flight to Miami was cancelled so they were trying to figure out how they were going to get to Jamaica for their golf trip. They were stuck in Chicago. I would have gladly taken a younger cute guy sitting next to me.

With all of this flying I have been doing these days, I realize more and more how much I like the SLC airport. Not because it is pretty or different in many ways. The main reason I like the SLC airport more than other airports is they seem to be a little more relaxed. For example, one time I got to the airport I think a half hour before my flight. Usually this is when they are boarding the plane. It was too late to check in, but they told me to just take my suite case and go through security with it. SLC airport is never really very crowded, so it hardly takes any time to go through security and to the gate, so I did just that and ran to my gate and then they put my bag on the side belt of the plane and the we took off. Easy as that. Other airports would never let you do that. If you miss check in, you miss your flight. Another example. My flight to Chicago, I took my roommates suitcase, which is smaller than mine so that I didn't have to pay to check it. I wanted to just carry it on. Turns out we were on a small plane, so it didn't fit in the overhead compartment so they put it on the side belt. Still a carry on. On my way back, they wouldn't let me do that in the Chicago airport. They made me check it and pay the fee even though it is technically carry on size. Ugg. One other thing I like about the SLC airport... the Internet is FREE!!! I thought this was normal, but apparently at other airports you have to pay for the Internet. Since I had to wait 5 hours for my friend to get to Chicago, I paid to have the Internet and it was CRAP! It hardly worked. I couldn't even check my email, I could barely get on facebook. What a waste of money. Thank you SLC airport for making my travels a better experience. I wish other airports would follow your example.

I am going out of town again this weekend. Not far and not for long, but just a little somethin somethin. My friend that is going with me and I have not talked out the details of the trip very much. You know what is sad? I fell asleep worrying about the details of this little get away and had dreams that my friend was going to bail on me. Why? Because since I had not heard anything from her I assume the worst, because people usually bail on me. Sad. Don't worry though, she is not bailing! We are going and I will blog all about it this weekend.

I went to Home Depot on my lunch break today. Whenever I go there, my co-worker just laughs at me. Probably because she wonders what crazy project I am doing next. Whenever I go to Home Depot I feel very out of my comfort zone. Like... I need a man there with me. I don't know why. Maybe because the only time I ever stepped foot in that store was when I was with my dad. Anyway... I usually find what I need, and I don't have a problem asking.... but I always just feel awkward being there. Then I realize how much I would love to marry a guy that was a handy man. It's getting easier and better every time I have to go. I just look forward to the day when I can send my husband there, or go with my husband. I know that is totally weird, but its just how I feel. ha ha.


Nicole said...

This is my first year witht he skinny jean. Skinny jeans are scary at first, but a good choice. The only reason I have any is because my sister gave me hers that don't fit her anymore. I love them. They work so much better with boots! Thanks for the tip about the $10 jeans at XXI. I've been thinking about a second pair!

Kayleigh said...

I just don't have the body type to sport skinny jeans. They are called "skinny" jeans for a reason! I have had countless retail employees suggest pairs and I've tried them on many times, only to come out looking terrible. I think the ONLY reason they don't work for me is because my hips are as wide as Texas. No exaggeration whatsoever.

Ok, IDK what you are talking about with the SLC airport. I haven't had the same fortune as you... I even missed a flight once, and was SO mad. I missed them closing the door by mere seconds and the lady was very unpleasant when I begged and pleaded for her to let me on the plane. It was when I worked for APX and was flying to do some licensing. The airport I've been where the people were nicest was in Chattanooga, TN (another APX trip). Tiny airport, but they were seriously so friendly and nice.

Yes, I always look for the younger guys... and a wedding ring is the first thing I check for! Also, why would the husband not sit next to his wife? That is really weird! Now I'm curious... What was his tattoo/the name of the coffee shop he wants to open? :P

Friends bail on me too, and it is one of my biggest pet peeves! Why can't people make plans and stick to them!?

Jennica said...

You did it! I am so proud! I LOVE skinny jeans. I am like a proud mamma. I can't wait to see your hotness. Glad you are back from the windy city!