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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stick Witchu

Once upon a time, (about 5 years ago) I used to make many music videos. I was known for it in my ward. I would choose a song and find people that wanted to be in the video (which people were usually asking me when my next video was going to be), choreographed and directed it and my friend Jesse would film and edit the video's. Video's such as Jump for my Love, Spice Girls & Vibology all got done 5 years ago, but after filming Pussycat Dolls, Jesse just wasn't feeling it, so this music video got pushed to the side. Maybe a year or two later I decided to go over and get the video footage from Jesse to see if I could edit it and make it into a music video. Obviously it has been sitting around for a while still. At first I didn't have a good video editing program. When I got my MacBook Pro last year, I decided I could check out the video editing program by finally doing the music video. I still put it off for a long time.

Friends.... tonight I finally finished it. Its not great, this is the first video I have edited. If Jesse would have done it, it would have been tons better, he had a talent for it. Hopefully I can develop that talent. A music video is better than no music video though in my opinion. So, Sara, Lauren, Tessa, Bryn & Krista... and my blog readers...after 5 long years, here is the "Stick Witchu" music video! Enjoy!


s a r a s o d a 1 said...

AWESOME Tracy!!! We had fun!!! I'm glad that you finally put this all together - I still have a picture of us from this video. What ever happened to Jesse anyway??

Tracy said...

I figured you would be the first to discover this video Sara! I'm glad you did. Although... we never recorded you doing the song, so there is no Sara Solo time. :o(
Jesse is back in Oregon.

Krista said...

Oh my the memories! I'm so happy you edited it; now I can put it with the others. :) Making all those videos was so much fun!

Bre said...

Yes, it was Sydne's b-day party. You were totally there. Gotta love i-pod karaoke! :)

Bre said...

ok, just re-watched your music videos. loved them! Oh and can I just say five years has done your body good, girl! You look so great.

ps...is that my husband in the vibology movie? We are going to have a good laugh about this tonight when he gets home. love it!

Tessa said...

AAAH! I was just wondering what had happened to this one! That's good stuff, right there!