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Friday, November 12, 2010

Ross Run Gone Bad

My friend Jesse and I drove to South Jordan last night to do a craft project with our friend Desiree. We thought that we had gotten all the supplies that we needed for this project (which I will soon blog about). Turns out it wasn't working out the way we planned, so we decided to make a quick Ross Run to see what they had. I have to say right now that the Ross in SJ is WAY better than our Ross in Orem. Not only did we find what we were looking for, but I found some things that will be perfect for a room that I am decorating (which I will also blog about when its done... which might be a  little while). So we had great success in the Ross. It is when we left the Ross that all of the problems started happening. The Mirror that we purchased in Ross was WAY too big to fit in my car. We tried angling it in every way we could. It just wasn't going to fit. We thought about rolling down the back windows to see if we could fit it in that way. Not only did that not work, but when I rolled down the back left window, there was a pop and now it will no longer roll up! Yikes. Perfect time to break... as soon as Winter is starting! We couldn't figure out how to fit the large mirror in my little car. So Jesse ended up holding the mirror in her lap with her door open! She held one hand on the mirror and the other hand was holding the door as shut as it would go. Needless to say the ride back to Desiree's house made me a little nervous. The mirror was also squishing Desiree in the front seat with how we ended up having to position it. We made it back to the house without any problems (beside me window) and then realize that I had left one of my decoration's that I had bought at the store. Ugg. Desiree was nice enough to drive back and get it for me so Jesse and I could start on our project so that we were not there all hours of the night trying to complete our project with this major set back that we had.
In the end, our project got done and turned out awesome and we were able to just laugh the whole thing off. I still need to get my window fixed though... or its going to be a COLD winter! Life is funny sometimes. I am glad I had some friends that can laugh it off with me.

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T-Ray said...

In case anyone wondered how much is cost to get my window fixed... it was $200!!! Ouch!