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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wrenn Family

My sister Lori wanted me to get a few family pictures for them while I was home.

 This would have been a great one is Zach was looking and William wasn't done taking pictures. ha ha

 A picture of me and my beautiful sister.


The Hatch Family said...

They look mighty fine! Nice job, superstar:)

Lori said...

Thanks Tracy these turned out nice. I wish Will & Zach were cooperating for that last shot... that would have been a framer for sure :)

Dallas and Kirsten said...

Great pictures Tracy! You definitely have a talent for photography!

jamie hixon said...

You are all so beautiful!
Nice job on the family photos. I think Zach and William look so different from each other, but so cute!

Lynette Mills said...

Very cute and nicely done. I love those grandsons.

rachel v. said...

What a cute family. Great job on the pics!