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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Thirsty

So maybe I went to Disneyland on Saturday, and maybe it rained for a few hours when we first got there.

Did I have an umbrella? No. Did I have a poncho? Nope. I frolicked in the rain and drank lots of water. In the process of getting water from the water fountains, I noticed how pretty a couple of the water fountains were. So.... I decided I wanted a picture, because I thought it would be funny. Pretty soon, I was on my look out for every water fountain I could find.

Can you guess where these fountains are located within Disneyland & California Adventure Park?


Bre said...

hahahhahahah, that's awesome! It's been a LONG time since I've been to Disneyland and I've NEVER been to CA Adventure (crazy huh, considering I grew up in CA!) Glad you had a good time!

jamie hixon said...

This is a crazy awesome idea!!
This post lit me up from the inside.
I will do my best... although it has been a while and last time I went to Disneyland I wasn't exactly paying attention to the water fountains.
#1 Looks Frontierlandish to me.
#2 Fantasyland?
#3 Sleeping Beauty's Castle
#4 looks like toon town, but could be CA adventure area too...
#5 Toon Town!
#6 looks like it is by the carousel
#7 by the jungle cruise?
#8 Big Thunder Mountain
#9 Space Mountain?
#10 Around the Matterhorn? I don't know.

Lynette Mills said...

fun game... I can guess a few but not all. Jamie got the ones I guessed.

rachel v. said...

haha awesome!

T-Ray said...

Thank you to Jamie for being the only one that participates in my games! The answers go as follows.

#1 - California Adventure) Bug's Life
#2 - Fantasyland (by Tea Cups)
#3 - Sleeping Beauty's Castle
#4 - Toon Town
#5 - Toon Town
#6 - Mainstreet
#7 - Adventure Land (by Jungle Cruise)
#8 - Fronteer Land (near Bit Thunder Mountain
#9 - In Tomorrow Land (near Astro Blasters)
#10 - In California Adventure Park

Jamie was the only one that played, and she did really well. Great job Jamie... looks like you love Disneyland as much as I do!