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Friday, November 5, 2010

Salt Flats Photo Shoot

As you can see from my last "Photo of the Week" picture, our Camera Crew's last photo shoot was using bright colored chairs at the Salt Flats in Utah. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a great place to shoot because its so flat and empty. We didn't realize how long it would take to do it all. 2 hours there, an hour shoot (or so) and 2 hours back. Yikes. Thank goodness we had all day. We had a blast though. Too bad we didn't bring out pirate costumes for the shoot since that is where part of "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" was filmed. Oh well... maybe next time. Here are how some of our pictures turned out. I still need to get pictures from the other girls. Here is who went.





On the drive home, we got an amazing sunset. It was awesome. I love new creative photo shoots!


Dallas and Kirsten said...

I love these pictures! I've seen some great shoots from the salt flats. The close up of you is absolutely gorgeous!

Lynette Mills said...

The sunset picture is amazing... layer after layer of beauty! The close up of you is also amazing!

Abby Wright said...

The one of you backwards on the pink chair is AMAZING!!! You look stunning. Should be your profile picture!!

jamie hixon said...

What an amazing location! And I really do love the juxtaposition of the colored chairs. How fun.

Desiree said...

Tracy, you crazy! I think the shots look amazing and you look fabulous. I think the shirt looks great on you and that it's totally flattering. Seriously. Love them! I love your bright colored chairs too. I totally need to go to the salt flats someday! Maybe you could take pics of Chuck and I! :) Ha!