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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Bridal Shower

Yesterday I went to the cutest bridal shower that I think I have ever attended. It was for one of my cruise girls BFF's, Nicole. I have kind of retired from going to Bridal Shower's.... but Nicole is a really good friend for the past several years and is the sweetest, so I wanted to go to hers. Aileen and other cruise BFF Nicole put it on and it was my favorite Bridal shower I have attended. Why? Amazing food (I will have to make the yummy dishes and blog about it because they were amazing), beautifully decorated, NO dumb bridal shower games, nothing that made me feel uncomfortable... just chatting with good friends eating good food and watching her open presents.

I just loved how Aileen and Nicole decorated for the shower.... so I sat and admired their work and took pictures. The Bride sign was probably the cutest sign I have ever seen. I also LOVED the idea of the little flags that said different things on the straws. I will have to keep that in mind for my next party. They also had cute party favors for everyone to take home. Seriously. Everything. Cute.

Here I am with the Bride to be.... and then all of the girls that came to the shower (except one). I am so happy for Nicole. The man she is marrying is awesome and Nicole deserves it. I wish them all the best!


Nicole said...

I have to say that I agree that it was an awesome bridal shower...if I do say so myself. Although, the fact that you have an amazing camera doesn't hurt. It makes everything look more beautiful.

Tessa and Adam said...

Ooo post more of what you liked about it! I always look for good party looks/food. Looks cute. Love the straws!

jamie hixon said...

So cute! I want to be invited to cool parties like this.

Kayleigh said...

Fun! I especially love the first pic of the glass. You have some mad camera skills!

Was it breakfast that was served?