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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Flake Family

I promised Tyler and Shantelle that I would take some family photo's for them. We got kind of a late start so we didn't have great light for very long. I got some. They are a cute family and they cooperate pretty well for photos so they aren't hard to photograph.

But then the sky changed. This was the last photo I took and told them the lighting was no good and that I had a different idea because there was an AMAZING sunset happening right now.

So I told them to all go hold hands and stand in front of the sunset. This would be easy for the kids because they didn't even have to smile! And guess what? I LOVE how this turned out. This so me is the framer out of all the ones I took. This is pure luck. You can't plan these sunsets. One day I want a family picture like this.

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