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Monday, May 27, 2013

Arizona Weekend

I spent this long Holiday weekend visiting my sister Jamie and her cute family. It went by far too fast. It had been too long since I had gone to visit. Hopefully it will not be as long until the next time I go.

What did I do while I was there? Well....

Friday, my friend Ashley picked me up from the airport bright and early. Then took me to Jamie's house and we just hung out there for the rest of the day. I played with my adorable niece and nephew. Later that night, Jamie had gotten a babysitter so that Jamie, Dan and I could go to dinner and a comedy show, Jesterz. We got Greek food (YUM) and the show was pretty funny. I'm always up for improv comedy shows.

Saturday, hung out in the morning. Asher got to dress up and go to a superhero party. The afternoon I went with Ashley to the Ghost Town and Canyon Lake (which I already wrote about). Came home, Painted my nails and Gwen's nails (she was so happy to have her's painted just like mine) got ready for a date.... which is how I spent the rest of the night.... obviously the date went well. Stinks he lives in AZ.

Sunday..... church..... nap..... chill.

Monday, went to lunch with Ashley, Dayna & Lisa. Had a fabulous time. Later Jamie took me to see the new Gilbert Temple that is not done yet. The rest of the afternoon was spent at Stephen Hixon's house where the whole Hixon family that is in AZ gathered for a Memorial Day BBQ and good time. It is nice to know that I am always welcome there. I always like to see them when I am in town too. They are great. Then Jamie took me to the airport. Like I said... it was a short weekend. It was good though. I love spending time with friends and family.


Lynette Mills said...

Sounds like a great time, glad you got to go!

Lori said...

Oh man. I'm so jealous!! Glad you had a great holiday weekend :)

jamie hixon said...

I love that picture of you and Gwen! She looks so excited. And I love all the rest of your pictures. I love that you TOOK pictures. We don't do that enough now-a-days.
I'm so glad you came to visit. It was a fun time even with my "morning" (ahem! all day) sickness.

Maybe you'll come back for another AZ HOT date with Tucson. ;)