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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 170

I have started watching the newish hit tv show "The Walking Dead". It is good, however, I have to turn away or close my eyes every time a zombie is killed because I can't handle it. It is pretty graphic. They only have the first two seasons on Netflix so far... so I only have a few more episodes until I will have to be done until they post the 3rd season. Guess I will need to find another show in the meantime. What did I do without Netflix for so long?

Saturday I felt like I was all over the place. I had spent the night in SLC after my concert because I needed to go to my eyelash/massage trade the next morning anyway. Then I came back and ran errands and cleaned and tried to get a lot done, then watched a movie with Mr. Karaoke because he just had surgery and is kind of stuck at home these days while recovering. We had been talking about watching the Sixth Sense for a long time. Since Halloween in fact. He had never seen it and I bought it for $5 at Walmart just so he could see it. Anyway.... I don't know how he went so long without seeing, but we finally did. Then I hung out with James. Ya... it had been a long time. I mean... he just kind of pops in and out of my life.

So lately when Lauren and I come back form the gym on our lunch breaks, we have noticed that there are boxes of Novell stuff by the back entrance where we come in. We always look in the boxes to see what is in there and have discovered that almost every time we look, there are different stuff. Free stuff that we can take if we want... so we do. Today's was awesome. It was a sun shield for the car. I totally needed one of those, especially with hot days approaching quickly. So excited about that one. The other one that I took was this Novell Pyramid that you had to build yourself with the pieces. It was a lot harder than it looked... even though it came with picture instructions... turns out they were not that helpful. It took me a while, but I eventually figured it out. It wasn't how the instructions showed, but I am sure there are a few different ways to put it together. It was like my little reward for getting all caught up at work. :)

Speaking of work, today we had a meeting. In the past year, we have had to do all of our own scanning and indexing and filing. I have hated the scanner ever since I have had to use it. It gets jammed all of the time and basically... we hadn't updated out process or software since the stone ages. I had brought up in several meetings that we should update it... that it was silly to be working at a software company that wasn't up to date with other software. I always looking for ways to improve and simplify. So yesterday we got a new scanner. Today we had a meeting about it. Come to find out that we really didn't need to be scanning at all and we had this capability with the software that we have now to just pull the pdf's and index it. WHAT?! I was excited and mad all at the same time. Where has this guy been all my life? What I had wanted all along was right there in front of me the whole time. How could nobody have known this? Wow.

You know how I performed with my friend Ben as a backup singer? Well... he said his band is kind of getter harder and harder to get together, so he kind of wants to do a side thing with me where we just do duets. Of course I said yes... because I love to sing and perform. So this week we just practiced a couple of fun cover song duets to do.... but he wants to write our own music too. I have never been super good at that, but maybe he can help me improve. I'm hoping to learn from him. Regardless it should be fun.

It is gardening season again! I am so excited! I went with Melodie, Darrell and Ellis to Home depot to buy some plants. So... I bought some and am going to plant them tomorrow. I will have to go buy some more probably. We will see once I go to town planting. When I planted last year, I didn't really think about what I planted in the cinder blocks and how they would survive through winter. Turns out.... it all came back strong after winter. I didn't even know they came back. Who knew cinder blocks were like an awesome thing to plant into. I can't wait to fix up the whole patio. Totally going to have a patio party when it's done.

Diet is still going well. I now have a friend doing it with me... which is nice. Always nice to have as much support as you can get. My weight loss slowed down this week.... but... Overall, I had great success for the month. I lost 14 lbs and 3 inches in my first month! That is great. Hope it keeps up! I'm already feeling a lot better though. Just can't wait until all my clothes start fitting great again. I also entered into a competition. Person who loses the most weight get's $1000 but there are other prizes too. I hope I get something. ha ha. If not, at least it keeps me extra committed to the program. ha ha.

I don't know how many people noticed, but ever since I updated my blogger template, my tabs at the top stopped working. I guess that coding didn't match the new template. I left them there for a year... broken. I'm not sure why. I guess I kept trying to find ways to fix it or find someone that could. Well... I think I finally found new coding in order to bring it back? Well shall see. In the meantime, I took the ones that didn't work down. So if you see them back up, it means they are working again.

In the middle of work yesterday, I decided that I didn't feel like working. I wanted to get a pedicure. So I just up and got one. It was so nice to leave work and sit in a massage chair while I got my toenails done. I love pedicures. I was so happy to take a break, leave work and get it done.

So I was looking at my bookshelf of journals and I ran across an old one. I took it off the shelf. It was a book I started years ago, that are not only my stories, but others as well. It is a compilation of different girls bad/weird/awkward dating stories and told in different styles and formats and usually in a pretty amazing way. When I saw that book, I decided it had been too long. So I took it off the shelf and read some of it to my roommates.... who are now going to contribute to the book themselves. It is a great source of entertainment. I hope that one day... when the whole book is full, that I can get it published. I think I may be able too... honestly. It would be an entertaining coffee table book. :)

This last Sunday night, there were at least 4 car break in's of people in our ward. Sad huh? Doesn't seem like too much damage was done, but still. It was a nice night outside on Monday night... so my neighbor decided to sleep on his hammock... which is hanging above his parking spot. I teased him that he took it upon himself to be the Deer Haven night guard. Really I think he would have slept outside either way. Anyway, I ended up going out there at midnight to see if he was serious. Turns out he was, so I took a picture. A little disappointed that he wasn't sleeping with his gun. Oh well. I took his picture and posted it on Instagram (for all those that follow to see) My caption said "With all of the car break in's this week, everyone can sleep well tonight knowing that Jason decided to be night guard. " #alwayswatching #safteyfirst #myneighborsleepsonhishammockintheparkinglot


Lori said...

That is so sad that cars are being broken into and so cool of your neighbor to sleep outside. Isn't it still kinda cold outside at night??
Your job is so rad.
Glad you are having fun all the time :)

Kristy said...

If you need song inspiration you'll have to see Reanne. I just listened to her songs that that she created for her band and they were pretty good. :)