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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 169

It has been raining a lot this week... which has actually been really nice. Real spring. It is nice when the weather doesn't skip seasons. :) I am hoping it stays this way for a while. I love the temperature. The sun. Seeing and smelling the blossoms. You know what else is great? The little stream at the Novell campus is running again. It just makes me happy. NEXT... BBQ season at work. I love it when they BBQ. 

Diet update. I have almost been on the diet for a month now. Isn't that crazy? Time flies. My 3 week weigh in... I have lost 13 pounds and 3 inches total. Pretty good! I'm happy about it. It is getting easier and easier, especially once I found out I can have a little bit of cheese and avocado and stuff in my salad. Now it doesn't even feel like I am on a diet! :) I'm excited about this journey and not counting down the days until I am done anymore. I now have a friend doing it with me too... which is great. We talk to each other all of the time for support. Support is always good.

I am pretty much caught up at work... I can't tell you how nice that feels. It feels like forever since I have been completely caught up. I hope it lasts. My co-workers are great though... I just have to throw that in. We have an activity coming up that I am pretty excited about. Plus the other day we got together for lunch and set up the computer to the projector and just shared pictures and video from our most recent travels. I love that my co-workers love and support my travels and always excited about where I will go next. 

Last night we went to karaoke for the first time in a while. It was so fun. I wanted to sing, but Jessica wanted to sing with me and we just couldn't pick out a song in time. I have to say though... it is always worth going just to hear Josh perform. I'm always the proud friend the video tapes him and tell him I'm his number 1 fan and post his video's on YouTube. ha ha. He loves it... I think. He really is awesome though. We had a blast. I miss going every other week.

Tuesday at my house was insane. I can't remember the last time that many people had been at my house (that there wasn't a party going on). I guess this is the result of having 4 extroverts living under one roof. Seriously though.... It was almost out of control. I came home to one girl in the ward over visiting with my roommates. Then another one of my roommates is in a dinner group and it was her turn to cook so they all came over. Then another guy came over just to give us hugs. I later came home and someone else in the ward was helping clean the kitchen. Then Jessica's friend came over to help her build a desk and then James came over to hang out with me and then Ben came over to practice with me and Jessica for tonight's show.... it was just all night people at the house. CRAZY! Kind of fun though. Makes you feel so popular. 

So I performed tonight with my friend Ben Bailey's band. I just did backup vocals... but it was so fun. I love performing. I will blog about it later, but I loved it. I also loved listening to new artists. It is amazing how much talent is out there... really. The guy that performed after us is only 15 years old. We had no idea... he didn't look like it, or sound like it. He had a great voice and was quite frankly, pretty adorable. This is probably why I was just smiling the whole time he was singing. I thought that he was looking at me during the show, but you always think that when people are performing... but really they are just looking out at nothing. ha ha. After the show I thanked him and told him he had a great voice. He then told me he kept looking at me during the show because he loved my smile and that helped him perform better. It was just the cutest thing ever and totally made my night. Don't worry... I didn't tell him that he was half my age... literally. I really liked the guy who performed before us too. Great voice. New music for me. Love it. Love new music. 

There was this debate going on on facebook today about an article about young single adults in Utah. It got pretty heated.... I guess it just reminded about one thing that really bothers me that people do. I hate it when people that live in Utah complain about Utah. Seriously! Here's the thing. I never thought I would be in Utah this long. There are things that I don't like about Utah... but I don't go around complaining about them. I believe that there are going to be pro's and cons about every place you live, it is all about which you choose to focus on. I choose to focus on the things that I love about living in Utah. Do I want to stay in Utah forever? No. The thing that bothers me is when people act like Utah is like the worst place to live. I want to say... oh I'm sorry, were you put in a prison here? I'm pretty sure nobody is forcing you to stay here. If you don't like it... if Utah isn't making you happy... well, it is a big world. Go find the place that is going to make you happy. Stop complaining! Happiness is a choice! I could choose to focus on all the reasons I don't like Utah, all the reasons why my life sucks because it didn't go according to my plan... but I choose to focus on why my life is so awesome... because it is. I don't want to complain about Utah because the good WAY outweighs the bad. I have had so many great experiences here and have made so many incredible friends. Choose to focus on that people! ha ha. Ok... I'm done venting. 

Speaking of great people... my neighbors are great people. So thoughtful and sweet. Would seriously do anything for us. Always having nice chats, inviting us over for dinner. They dropped this by when my new roommates moved in. Seriously... gems. Best neighbors. Love them.


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Your wisdom is awesome

jamie hixon said...

PREACH!!! (About the I hate... mentality.) I mean, sure, sometimes I complain about our AZ weather because it is hard not to talk about it when it is dangerous to leave your house, but I always try to couple it with something like "but I love our neighborhood, our house, and Asher's school." Balance. (I hope.)
I'm glad you have great neighbors and that your diet is going well.