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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 168

Can you believe it's May? I can't. Time goes by so fast. I have just loved all of the blossoming trees. I love taking walks and smelling all the flowers. Downside.... I have allergies.

Work as still been busy... but I think I am almost caught up, which is a nice thought.

Still doing well on the diet. Week 2 weigh in I lost 4 more pounds which puts me at 9 total so far and still 2 inches. It is very encouraging... which I need to be able to say no to all the food and treats that are constantly shoved in my face. I was told that I should start keeping a list of everything that I have been offered that I can't have and it would help me realize how much food I would normally be consuming that I don't need, I just eat it because it is offered to me or it looks good. Everything really does revolve around food. I have also noticed that since I have started doing this, that I have been encouraging everyone around me to be more healthy too. Maybe I should become a health coach when I'm done.

My roommates are all moved in and settled. They are great and I think we are going to be getting a long just fine. They are so loving. Always so sweet and giving compliments and telling me and everyone else that they love them. It's good. Helps me be more like that. I love being around nice people. You want to know why? It is infectious. Just like being around negative people are.... which is why I choose  nice people. :) I love a positive home. I'm blessed that I have been able to have that for the past year and will be able to continue to have that.

Now that I have a full house of popular girls.... our house is the party house... lots of people come over. Thank goodness I am a social butterfly and I like it like that.

You know what was great? Megan coming over tonight to finish our Harry Potter journey. I love those movies.... and I am happy to report that she did too. You know what is even better? She spent the night.  It hasn't even been a full week since she moved out, but I was so excited for her to stay tonight. I made a bed for her and gave her a tooth brush and an extra towel. I love having people over and being a hostess. Probably because I love my friends... and I love taking care of people. So hopefully that happens more in the future. I just love her.

Speaking of friends that I love... my good friend Kirsten came into town for her little brother's wedding last weekend. I was so happy that even though she was busy, she took the time to come see me. She even came to my work. We just sat outside since it was a beautiful day and just talked for an hour or so. I love my Kirsten time. I wish there were more of it.


Dallas and Kirsten said...

Oh you're too sweet! I love my Tracy time as well :) So glad things are going well with the diet and your new roommies. I think you should all fly out to Miami for a visit in the fall :) Love ya to pieces!

jamie hixon said...

Life sounds like it is going good. And I'm glad your friend liked Harry Potter, it proves she has a soul.

All kidding aside, I talked to someone at book club last night that didn't like the HP books or the movies. I guess there are just all kinds of people in this world.