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Monday, May 20, 2013


So.... one day... my awesome neighbor, Geoff, came over to say hi. Somehow... we got on the subject of eating healthy. Naturally I went off on how he should pack salad in a jar. Obviously... because I am very passionate about salad in a jar. It kind of changed my life.

This got me going on how great jars are... and all the ways you can use them. So I started listing the options with passion to Geoff.  For example, I told him... of course everyone first thinks of jars for canning....

But... you can also put candy in them.

Make cupcakes in them.

Eat and drink out of them.

Put names in them like I did for my service jar.

Use them for lighting.

Make waterless snow globes.

The list goes on.... as I finished listing everything I could think of, Geoff decided to leave and told me he would dream of jars.

The next day, he posted this on my facebook wall. It made me laugh.


flux biota. said...

I like jars as well. They're good for storing all of my knick knacks I find on the ground...and now I want to put salads in them.

jamie hixon said...

There it is... the Jar-Jar Jar! That is hilarious.