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Friday, May 10, 2013

Flashback Friday 116

Jr. High was such a fun and silly time of life. I did the weirdest things with my friends and we thought we were so cool. It was so cool to have a "best friend"... just one and get those necklaces that you would always wear together. We made up silly nicknames for each other (a lot of them). We passed notes to each other in the hall ways in between classes and talked about crushes and other Jr High drama. We made mixed tapes and recorded ourselves on the tapes as well.... just talking. The list goes on and on.

Since I just reconnected (via facebook) with my old Jr High pal, Liz... I thought I would flash back to something silly we did. I'm pretty sure it was my idea, although I'm not sure where this idea came from. Since we were tight, and she was moving back to Utah with her family... we decided to make memory boxes of each other. I found shoe boxes and wrapped them in paper and decorated them. I printed out pictures from our favorite movies and tv show and of us and taped it to the inside lid of the box. Everything else in the box was from things we had done together, pictures and letters that I received from her after she moved. We ended up writing for a year or so and then lost track of each other... until now. I can't wait to see her and get together.

It is funny (and cute) the things we do in Jr High and elementary school. I actually ended up keeping that box for many years. Why? Because it meant something to me. Liz was a dear friend. I guess I'm sentimental like that.... which is why I'm sure I thought to make the box to begin with. :) I miss doing stuff like this... you think I could convince anyone to do something like this with me?

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jamie hixon said...

A friend time capsule? Seems pretty legit.