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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sleep Cycle

I downloaded this App called Sleep Cycle. It measures what part of your sleep cycle you are in by your movement. You place your phone on your bed under the fitted sheet so it doesn't fall off and then you set an alarm (which it has many soothing alarms to choose from). The alarm can go off anywhere within the half hour before you set it to go off. The purpose of that is to wake you when you are in your lightest sleep so it is the most natural way to wake up and you feel refreshed when you do.

It is pretty fun to see my sleep stats every morning when I wake up. I usually don't get enough sleep as I should, so my % is not great. I think this is the highest % I have gotten. Megan text me on Saturday and sent me a screen shot of her sleep and she had gotten 100%. I don't even know how you do that.... though we decided getting anything 90% and above is like getting an a in sleeping class.

All of that aside... the App is worth getting just for the alarms alone. They are so soothing. WAY better than any alarm sounds that are on the iPhone, that's for sure.

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jamie hixon said...

Getting an A in sleeping class... bahaha! I used to be all about my fitbit. Then I lost the charger, and it is taking FOREVER for me to get a new one in the mail. I know how the game of sleep and movement can be fun.