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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Joshua Radin Take 2

It is no secret that I love Joshua Radin. I have loved his music for years and I own most of it. He came to SLC last summer, but I didn't jump on getting tickets in time. The year before that I went to see him in concert for the first time with my friends Chelsea, Lara and Cara. I didn't even realize he was on tour again until my friend Erin asked me if I wanted to go with her. Of course I said yes. Anything for Joshua Radin. When buying tickets for the concert, we also got a free download to his newest CD... which is awesome.

Well the concert was last night. I drove up to SLC to meet up with Erin and her friend. The concert was at the State Room. I had never been there before, but I LOVED it. Why? Because it was all seated. I could sit back and relax and enjoy the show instead of having to try and see him with tall people in front of me or people trying to push me aside as they try and get as close to the front as they can.

It wasn't without problems though. I'm convinced that I had the worst seat in the place. Why? Because there was an old and big lesbian couple in front of me that was VERY lovey dovey and every time they would go to put their arm around the other, they would hit me in the leg. Plus... all the kissing and cuddling was pretty distracting. THEN I had a lady in back of me that was drinking. This created more than one problem. First, she was spilling her drinks on me, so my leg kept getting wet.... and she was too drunk to care. Second, she was loud. She kept yelling out things like "Josh, you have a good heart!" and "Your next album should be called My Heart is Good". Third, she sang along with just about every song. Turns out she wasn't a good singer either. It was pretty annoying. However, Joshua was perfect and funny and charming and played all of my favorite songs. He also played for a long time, which was awesome. I was happy. The opener "My name is You" was also great. I will be downloading their CD. I love learning of new music.

Also, remember how last time I went to this concert with Chelsea, Lara and Cara? Well... guess who I saw at this concert? Yep, not only did I see them, but we sat right in the row behind them, so we were able to chat. It was fun to have a little Joshua Radin reunion. So naturally we took a picture. I'm not laughing because I just looked back on our last picture at his last concert we went to and we are even in the same order in the picture. Ha!

And here I am with the girls that I went with... Erin & her friend.


Chelsea said...

Tracy, your heart is good! I'm sorry you had such a horrible seat, lesbian love and drunken disorderly is definitely distracting. It was such an amazing concert! So fun to see you!
Random that we lined up the exact same way again. I must say that we are much cuter than we were two years ago. We're only getting better!

Tracy said...

Chelsea! I was thinking the same thing.... about us looking better now than when we went to the concert last time. :) I'm glad we are all getting better with age.

jamie hixon said...

I'm just not a huge fan of major PDA, drunken, lesbian, or otherwise. And to be in a place where I could not move away from that? Yeah, that is my definition of hell. I went to a Junior Brown concert once on Sunset Strip and there was this couple that looked like they popped out of an Abercrombie ad who butted their way right in front of me (I was at the front of the stage) and started groping and licking each other. It kind of ruined the rest of the concert for me.