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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 195

I can't believe it is November. Time is going by so fast. It went from pleasant weather to freezing very quickly. Monday night in Salt Lake, we came out from dinner and it was snowing. I hate it. I really need to change my attitude about Winter if I am going to survive it. At least I am pretty much going to skip one cold month. I keep telling people that I will see them in December... which sounds weird, but I leave... come back and it's Thanksgiving... so I really won't see anyone. So excited for my trip though.

For work this week we went to see a movie. Usually we do it right after quarter end, but everyone took turns being gone pretty much all month, so we waited until now. We went to go see "Saratov Approach". It is the movie about the missionaries in Russia that got kidnapped and held for ransom a few years back. It was REALLY good. My co-workers and I all really liked it. I felt like it was the first Mormon movie that non Mormon's could enjoy as much as the Mormons. It wasn't cheesy. The acting was good. I cried... so that shows you how good it was. I felt it. Way good.

This week I also went and saw Ender's Game with John. I probably liked it more than he did, but I wondered if I would have liked it more had I read the book. I thought it was fun, but during the movie I wondered why it was such a classic. Did I already tell you that I saw Gravity in the IMAX in 3D? That was awesome... visually was cool. Made me feel like I was in space. Also saw Captain Phillip's. ALSO a very good movie that I cried in. I have been seeing a lot of movies lately, but there are so many good ones out to see. It helps that John get's us into the movie's for free too.

So I got a phone call this week. This lady telling me that I was picked from a drawing and won two free plane ticket's to either Vegas or San Diego and the hotel was also paid for. I just have to go to this presentation tomorrow (no obligation) and then I get my free vacation. I'm trying to decide if I should go or not. I have a hard time believing that they would give me a vacation for free... no obligations. Especially since I never entered in a drawing and I don't know how they got my info. Do I go in case I really can get a free vacation? Or do I not go because it will be a huge waste of my time? I don't know...

My bishop asked to meet with me this week... he told me he was worried about me, which made me worry of why he was worried about me. I went in and he asked me how I was doing and called me in because a couple of weeks ago he said he looked into my eyes and thought I looked sad. I don't remember how I was feeling a couple of weeks ago, maybe I was sad and maybe I wasn't... but the fact that my bishop cares enough to check in just in case I think is really awesome. He is a good and sweet man. The entire bishopric is just quality and I am glad to have them in my life.

This last fast and testimony meeting was a disaster. Well... just a couple of the people that got up, but unfortunately the worst one was the last one. Telling everyone all the terrible things that happened to him over the past year and how much he loves his fiance that he had proposed to the night before after getting back together when dating twice before (it was so much drama) over a year ago and then getting back together a week ago after he was dumped by another girl a few weeks before that. Seriously... this is the kind of crap that makes people think that Mormons are crazy/weird. I had to get on my phone at church because I was so uncomfortable listening to what was being said. Icing on the cake is when he told everyone he would have become and alcoholic if it weren't for his girl. Don't worry... she got up and bore her lovamony for him as well. I feel like I'm surrounded by crazy people. Anyone who needs to be so public and defensive about their relationship... I take that as a red flag.

I went to another one of John's soccer games. This time at a more decent hour. His team did not do well though. It was almost painful to watch. The other team was pretty good too though. I have never been that big into soccer, but I'm not going to lie... I have been enjoying going and watching these games.

There is a boutique in Springville that I didn't know about that is super cute. I went with my friend Emily... that I hadn't seen in YEARS!! Anyway... we went and checked it out and the prices were pretty good. I will have to go back sometime. I love cute boutiques!

Tonight I got together with my old neighbors (Nate and Jason) to watch the last half of the last movie in the Lord of the Rings. We started watching the extended version of all 3 movies because I had never seen them. Each movie is split into 2 movies, so we just watched one half at a time. We started in January. I realized today that we started a month after "The Hobbit" came out and we ended a month before the second Hobbit movie came out. It only took us 11 months! Ha ha... sad. That being said, it was hard to arrange 3 different people's schedules especially after Jason moved to Pleasant Grove. We are not done though and it was great. I can now say I have watched the extended versions. Good times.

Besides being excited for my trip... I think that was all for my week. So I will end with this. This is what my pumpkin looked like... the day after I carved it. It happened very quickly. Maybe I should have kept it inside. I don't know if that would have helped. All I know is that my minion look Asian.


Lori said...

Glad you will get to escape some winter ;)
William and I are studying Asia right now for his history lessons... I keep telling him that you are going to go there soon!

jamie hixon said...

They say if you put your pumpkin in vinegar water or bleach water right after you carve it, it helps keep it nice for longer. (?)

I think Ender's Game is an amazing book, and it is short, but there is no way you would fit all of it into a movie. If I was talking to you in person, I could tell you all about it, but I'll spare you my novel. Anyway, Dan and I saw it too and liked it, but in a different way than the book. I want to see the kidnapped missionary movie too.

About winning that vacation... it sounds like a scam or a bait and switch. Usually when something is too good to be true, it is.