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Sunday, November 3, 2013

This is Halloween 2013

This month I have been busy. I haven't had a lot of time (or money) to put into a Halloween costume like I did last year. However, I love dressing up. Also it doesn't feel like Halloween unless I dress up and go to a costume party. So... I put a cute costume together that didn't take a lot of time or effort (idea thanks to Pinterest).

First, I would like to continue with the tradition and show off my cute nieces and nephews in costume.

First we have the Bourgeous kids. Reanne was an Enderman from Minecraft, Sierra was a Pirate and Grant was a Clone Trooper.

Then we have the Wrenn kids. One William does the others follow... and William wanted to be a rock climber, so they were all rock climbers.

Last we have the Hixon kids. Asher was Harry Potter and Gwen was Tinker Bell. Probably the most perfect little Tinker Bell that you have ever seen.

The Mills family was going to all dress up. They were going to be a skeleton family and Clara was going to have a little skeleton on her belly, but then Calvin came early and had to stay in the hospital... so I don't think any of them dressed up.

Then there is me. Wondering what I was that didn't take much effort?

I was a burglar! It was so cute, fun and easy that my roommate Sabrina decided to join me. Not just that but I saw a few other burglars at the party that I went to. Speaking of the party... it was fun! So many people there. Here are a few friends that I ran into while I was there.

My good friends Nick & Jordy and their friends (they were what I was last year)

My good friend Rob and his girlfriend.

Aileen who was also a burglar.

Ben and Jay (my cousin and his cousin married each other)

Then I went with John. He was so clever with his costume... he bought a sheet and cut holes for his eyes and was a ghost... just like you see little kids do in the movies. ha ha.

I just love to dress up... and I think I love seeing what other people dress up as just as much.

My Halloween partner in crime. (my roommate Sabrina)

It was pretty low key this year, but still a ton of fun! I love Halloween. Peace out until next year...


Lori said...

A robber! Perfect :) You look great. I guess it was a low key Halloween all the way around! ;)
Glad you had fun.

Kristy said...

Low key is good every once in a while. You are a darn cute burglar Tracy.

Lynette Mills said...

Yes, you were a cute burglar. Btw, I think chad took Irelyn out in her skeleton costume for a little while.

jamie hixon said...

That is so fun. I saw these pictures on Facebook and I was like "Holy skinny sister, Batman!" Fun traditions. You know what is funny? Asher totally wanted to be an Enderman, but we didn't know what it looked like. Asher and Reanne are two peas in a pod with some things.