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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Pie

John knows that I love music and going to concerts and such. He had been wanting to take me to this pizza place to listen to this guy perform. We couldn't go last month because I happened to be going to another concert the same night, but last night we went.

Turns out the pizza place was "The Pie Pizzeria" in Salt Lake. I had been there before... but it was YEARS ago. It's a pretty fun place. It's in the basement. A total college hang out (which it is located right next to the University of Utah) and you can even write on the wall if you bring a sharpie. The pizza is pretty good too. :)

Mike Masse' is the guy that John wanted to take me to see perform. Turns out he just takes requests... which is really fun. Kind of like the Garage Boys, except different type of music. Music that I love. The old stuff that I grew up listening to because of my parents. He did some new stuff too... but a lot of old stuff. He was great. I of course requested Simon and Garfunkle.

It was a lot of fun! We doubled with one of John's friends and his girlfriend. We had a good time eating while chatting and listening to good music. Nothing quite like live music. I think it is the perfect ambiance while you are eating. We all decided.... there is just nothing quite like it.


Lori said...

How fun that John likes to go and do so many fun things! That place looks rad.

jamie hixon said...

That place does look pretty cool. Props to your date for thinking of it. :)