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Saturday, November 9, 2013

What once was 4...

So fun to have Nate and Steve back living in Utah! Nate is so good at initiating getting us all together. Last time we were together (ALL together) was in August. We met up in Park City right before Brad and Lauren moved back to Newport Beach.

Nate wanted to get together next week, but when I said that I was going to be out of the country, the guys were great and made the effort to get together last minute. We all got together Friday night and met up in Lehi and ate at this burger place called "Emmett & Ethel's" since Steve and Stephanie are in Salt Lake and I'm in Provo and Nate and Emilee are in Lehi. John came with me, so it was nice to not feel quite so single this get together. They all told me after how much they liked John.

I just love those boys... and now their wives. In the last 9 years, it has been fun to stay such good friends and add to our gang. What once was 4... is now 10 (counting spouses and kids). Can't wait until I get to add a spouse to our gang. Until then, I sure do love our get togethers. Pretty much played with Max the whole time. Love that kid. He sat next to me all during dinner.

PS the baby Stephanie is holding is not theirs! ha ha... kind of looks that way, but it's Nate and Emilee's new baby Oliver.

Until next time... 

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jamie hixon said...

I knew that about the baby, but I still was all "wait, what... oh, right." Ha.