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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Welcome Home

I was so happy to be home... all I wanted to do was take a shower and brush my teeth and relax. I never expect a big welcome home when I get back from a trip. I just hope the house will be clean and I will be happy. It was, which was great. Not only that but when I went to put my stuff down in my room, I walked into the bathroom and saw this...

It put a smile on my face. My roommates are very sweet and thoughtful. They also had all my mail and my roommate, Sabrina even bid on something I wanted at the ward auction for me since I couldn't be there.

If that weren't enough, John had also left me a surprise. I also wasn't expecting anything from him, especially since before I left... he was really sweet and came over and helped me pack (which I hate doing) and also gave me a head lamp to add to my camping gear and also gave me this beautiful bracelet that he bought while he was traveling in Nepal. It's a Buddhist message of good luck. Since I was traveling in Buddhist countries, he wanted me to have it. How sweet is that? I have been wearing it everyday since.

So since he did that, I REALLY wasn't expecting him to do anything else. However, I came home to find some flowers on the table with a sweet note. He is so thoughtful.

When I took a shower, I noticed that the water was draining normally (before it was slow). John had come over the night before I came home not just to drop off the flowers, but unclogged my drain and put new batteries in my smoke detectors because I took the batteries out when they were low and never put new ones in. ha ha What a sweetheart.

It is so nice to know that you are missed when you are gone and that people are happy to see you when you get back. It makes coming home really nice, especially after a miserable 2 days of travel. Thanks for making me feel special and loved.


Lynette Mills said...

So sweet , tell john thanks from me too.

jamie hixon said...

WOW, people love you! :) I love you too, but I live far away and I am not as thoughtful as apparently every other person you know. Ha! That is awesome.

Lori said...

John seems like a super sweet and thoughtful guy... can't wait to meet him one day ;) glad he is taking care of you.