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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Family Feast

So happy I was back in time for Thanksgiving! I spent the day hanging out with family. We also had LOTS of extended family there. My Uncle Dale and Aunt Teresa were there and two of their kids (my cousins Brandon and Lauren) and their families. Plus another cousin (Levi) and his family plus. My Uncle Rod and Aunt Rose were also in town and at dinner. I LOVED being surrounded by lots of family. It was so fun. I also loved holding all of the babies.  I'm just so blessed with such wonderful family. Wish my entire family could have been there.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the day of the feast. My dad fried a Turkey... and my mom made the most delicious rolls.

My contribution was Chocolate Haupia Pie. My favorite! I bring it every year because I love it.

So much food!!


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!


Lori said...

WOW. What a house full! Wish we could have snapped our fingers and been there for the occasion :) Glad you were back for all that action too!

jamie hixon said...

I brought a chocolate haupia pie too! I haven't been to a Mills family Thanksgiving in so many years... how weird.