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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 196

I hate how things jump right to Christmas after Halloween. I know a lot of people love jumping right to Christmas and think that I am a grinch for being anti-Christmas until after Thanksgiving... but it's just how I feel. I refuse to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. It's hard when anywhere you go... it's playing. I guess it's a good thing I will be out of the country for half the month where they don't celebrate Christmas. Easy to avoid. Then when I get back it will be Thanksgiving... then BRING ON CHRISTMAS. :)

So my first couch surfing experience was awesome. I know I already blogged about it, but seriously, I couldn't have had a better experience with Janelle. I feel like we are good friends now. I want to go to Ohio and visit her sometime. She is awesome. My roommates kind of freaked out on me afterwords about it. People have a hard time trusting the couch surfing system. Kind of sad. There are a lot of really good people in this world. I wish people would open up to strangers a little more. I try to focus on the good in the world instead of the bad.

I'm super excited for "Catching Fire" and the second "Hobbit" to come out. I love these books... therefore I know I will love the movies, especially since I loved the first of both of these movies. Sadly I'm out of the country when Catching Fire comes out... I doubt we will see it while we are there. I'm sure all of my friends will have seen it once or twice by the time I get home. Hopefully my mom will go with me because I don't think John cares to see it.

I'm losing motivation to hit my goal weight. Not that I don't want to lose 10 more pounds... but it has been hard with the holidays. I have just been maintaining my weight for like the last month. I'm still happy with where I'm at... but I still want to lose those last 10 pounds and hit my goal weight. I'm not giving up... but I'm hoping my trip doesn't mess me up too bad... because I am not doing the diet at all on my trip. I'm hoping the all the activity I will be doing on the trip will balance out the things I eat there. We shall see. When I get back I will reevaluate and set new goals to get back on track.

I loved meeting baby Calvin. What a little sweetie. I just love my nieces and nephews so much. And I love holding babies in general. However there is just something about those babies being from your own blood line. They automatically make those babies cuter than anyone else's. If I feel this way about my siblings kids... I can't imagine how I will feel when I have my own kids. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the nieces and nephews. Can't wait to meet #11 next month!

So I already hate packing... but trying to figure out what to pack for two weeks in a backpack is even more of a struggle. Especially to counties that you have never been to before and don't really know what to expect. I just stare at my closet and then stare at the backpack and then stare at my closet again and back at my backpack. Thankfully... John came over to see me before I left and helped me pack. He is so sweet. He helped me not waste so much time while packing and helped me not miss anything. I actually got done packing before midnight the night before my trip. That is like a record for me.

Saturday my friend Sarah and I hung out. I had not really seen her since the beginning of the summer before she went to Africa for most of the summer. She is great in the fact that she makes an effort to get together with me and hang out despite the fact that we are both busy and she lives in Saratoga Springs with her family. I always appreciate people who make an effort... because it shows they really care, it's what I try to do so it is nice when people do it in return. I always make time for people like this. Sarah is great. We had a fun time going to the BYU dance performance. It was fun to just catch up and talk about life. She is a talented girl and a total go getter. I admire her. You might remember her from my blog before. She is my friend that put together "Hairspray" for our ward. She's awesome and I'm glad we got to hang out.

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jamie hixon said...

Packing is hard. I know what you mean. And usually nowadays I am packing for our whole family! It is actually kind of fun to pack for my kids, but not so much for me and Dan. I don't know why that is.

I am excited for you to meet your new nephew too! I'm really actually just wanting him to be born. Ha.