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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 219

It has been SO COLD! Windy and rainy and cold. I'm so ready for summer. So ready.

I had yet another roommate move out and have another one moving in this week. That will make 8 roommates since last year. I'm pretty excited for Allison to move in though. She is fun and awesome and easy going and funny. Pretty sure she is going to be a blast to live with.

Speaking of Allison... on Monday we went Tanning together for our last time. Our month is up. It was so cold that day that I actually really enjoyed it... feeling warm. I got just burnt enough though that I couldn't sleep that night because I was itchy. Not going to miss that. I'm done with the coffin of cancer. I can tell a difference though. To me, I look tanner which is great and more importantly hopefully I won't burn super badly this summer because I already have my base tan. We shall see. When Allison and I went in Monday night... it was crowded. We were surprised that the majority of the people there when we showed up were guys. I never realized guys were that into tanning. Must be all the Provo Allstars.

I also got a manicure the other day. I usually don't get manicures... I just cut an paint myself every week. However I wanted to try shallac. So far I'm diggin it. Let's see if it lasts as long as they say it does.

I went to the mall to pick up a bridal shower gift. The girl at the cash register started up conversation with me. Telling me that she buys things before they are sold out. I told her that was exactly the reason I could never work at a clothing store. She then told me that it was totally worth buying cute clothes to look super cute instead of buying food. Because of that sacrifice... she is now dating a mall cop. I told her that was great, but I wasn't sure that would be something I would brag about. Did you see the movie?

I'm on season 3 of Chuck now. I still like it the same. I can't say it is one of those shows where I am totally hooked and can't wait to watch the next episode though. I think it has 5 season. I will keep watching and see if my opinion changes.

This week my co-worker brought in a cheesecake that his wife made out of goat cheese instead of cream cheese and ginger cookies instead of graham cracker crust. I was skeptical because both of those things are very strong flavors and I love cheesecake, I didn't want it to be ruined. I tried some though and it was fantastic. WAY better than I thought it was going to be. It was light and fluffy and a great mix of flavors. I asked for the recipe.

For a girl like me, who is 31, what do you think the age limit is on how young of guys she should be going out with. I mean... I know people say age is just a number and it doesn't matter, but let's be real... it kind of does, especially at this stage of the game. I ask because the young ones (7 & 8 years younger) are the ones that are really interested in me and want to take me out. Do you find that strange? They totally dig older women. Is it time for me to become a cougar? I never thought I would be one of those girls, but maybe I should give it a try? I don't know.

Speaking of guys, I was sitting next to my BFF neighbor before church started and this other guy sat next to us. He told me that I smelled good and then asked if that was a comment that could be taken that he was interested. OF COURSE NOT! I was almost offended that he even thought that. First of all, we have been friends for a while, he has said a lot more other nice things to me that could be taken as flirting more than that comment. Second of all... he could have told a dude the same thing... it's not one of those comments you throw out to pick up on people... mostly an observation. Also, I know he is dating someone... he shouldn't have to be careful about saying nice things to girls. I don't assume guys are interested in me unless they ask me out on a date. Some guys are just nice to people, and I appreciate that and never take it as they are interested in me. I know that some girls do and I'm sad that those girls have ruined it for everyone else... that guys feel like they can't say nice things to girls now without them getting the wrong idea. Just sayin.

Sunday I made breakfast for visiting teaching. I feel like this is how visiting teaching should be. It should be just a friendly visit... doesn't need to be formal, have breakfast together! There are 3 of us companion's and 3 girls we visit teach. Only one of the girls could make it, but I set it up all cute and made yummy food and we all had a good time.


Kristy said...

My plant is looking good. :) That is funny that you saw mostly guys tanning.

jamie hixon said...

That breakfast looks amazing. It also looks like everything I'm NOT eating right now. Ha.

Be a cougar, whatever. Cherry Field married Dave, remember? 7 years difference. ;)