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Monday, May 12, 2014


The older I get, the more I love plants. I don't know why... there are just so many different kinds and they are so pretty and I just like them. Especially succulents. Succulents are low maintenance and there are many different kinds and colors and you can put a bunch together and they just look so cool together.

Here in Peru we were on a road trip. On one of our stops we stopped at this place that had the most awesome succulents. I don't think anyone else noticed or cared about the plants... but I couldn't stop staring at them. I wanted to transplant them exactly the way they were.... right into my back patio. I'm not sure how that would work or look when they got there, but I just wanted them. Instead I opted for pictures.

 Time to work on my little patio garden when I get back!


Lynette Mills said...

Very pretty

jamie hixon said...

I'm a big fan of succulents too. Noah Gaines had them in his garden, and we also saw a ton of them at Lotus Land- so pretty. They are beautiful and hardy.