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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Saltwater Tank - Phase 4

So since I last posted about my tank, my cleaning crew has done well. Almost all of the Aiptasia is gone thanks to my shrimp and the snails so a pretty good job cleaning all of the algae that grows on the sides of the tank and on the rocks and in the gravel. My crab however, he died while I was in Peru... the the green algae still needs work. I'm going to get more hermit crabs and another emerald crab to help with that... meanwhile I have just been pinching it off.

Guy from the fish store said my tank is in pretty good shape. My poor anemone's may never come back... I think they just couldn't handle all the tank drama they went through. That is ok though... you want to know why? Sunday was a great day for me. It was the day my cousin Dave (king of the fish nerds) called me and told me he was going to be at my parents house and was bringing me coral for my tank. I was SO excited.  I felt like I was graduating in the saltwater tank world. This was the day I was waiting for.

Why was I so excited for coral? Coral is just as exciting as the fish in your tank. There are so many different kinds. They are all different looking. They are colorful AND most of them glow! It's so rad... and Dave grows his own coral. There are many reasons why everyone with this hobby in Utah knows my cousin. He is legit. I'm like famous by association.

When Dave came to my parents house, I was expecting him to maybe give me a few different corals. Then he handed me a container with 7! It was like Christmas. I was so excited to go home and put them in my tank. Let me tell you what. My tank is WAY cooler now. My roommates sat and ooed and awed while I put each one in. It was so fun. The pictures are not the best and it all looks way better in person, but let me show you what Dave gave me.

Cool right? I hope they thrive and grow. Next I want to trade out my fish and get some cooler fish now that I have my tank under control. Add a thing here and there. Now this is starting to get fun instead of stressful. :) Thanks cousin Dave! You are the best and I am going to bring you a treat for hooking me up with the goods for my tank. :) Thanks for being patient with me and answering all of my questions as I joined the fish club.


Lori said...

What an awesome cousin we have:) You are lucky to live near by so much family! I can't wait to see your tank in person... hopefully this summer sometime.

jamie hixon said...

That coral is LEGIT. I'm glad your tank isn't stressing you out anymore. Dave is awesome!