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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sushi Making Class

Back in January I saw a Groupon for a Sushi making class. I asked Allison if she would want to go with me. She is always up for an adventure and we both love sushi.

The class was yesterday at a Japanese restaurant called Rice Basil. Nate was our Sushi master who was going to be teaching us our sushi skills.

We were in a room with 6 other people to learn the art of sushi. Two other girls and then two couples. The two couples seemed to be good friends, but I didn't really pay much attention to them beyond that. They were friendly and chatty. The guys of the two couples were these guys....

I didn't recognize them, but at the end the other girls asked to get their picture with them and said they were fans of the Piano Guys. Oh.... the Piano guys. I have recently heard of them. They are good. If you have never heard or seen any of their stuff... you can see a video here.

Anyway.... back to the sushi class. We made three different types of sushi rolls. First roll was more what I like to call the sushi cone. I have never seen sushi made this way.... but we did. I feel like the seaweed paper is a little hard to chew this way, but besides that, it was very good. This one had tempura shrimp in it.

Next roll we made was the special roll. These are my favorite. I think in order to make these work, you have to have the perfect sticky rice (which Nate said the trick is after cooking the rice adding rice vinegar). You put rice all along the seaweed paper and then flip it over. Then on the other side you add avocado, cucumber and a crab salad. Then you roll it up so the rice is on the outside. Once you rolled it up nicely, we added raw white tuna on top and thin slices of lemon. Roll it again and cut it up and add yummy eel sauce and spicy mustard sauce. SOOOO good! Looks pretty too. I was proud of my roll.

The last roll we made was a competition. That got the excitement up in the room. I have also never had a roll like this, but I watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Netflix and he makes a lot of rolls like this. Maybe watching that documentary is what helped me do so well in the competition. I just thought... how was Jiro make it. ha ha. However... I didn't win. I came VERY close to winning... but I didn't. I came in second. First place winner got to take home some sushi that Nate made. Of course I was disappointed, but I'm also happy that I was a natural at making the sushi.

Allison and I were both so glad we went to the class. It was fun and super delicious. I LOVE sushi and maybe I will try making it on my own sometime....


Lori said...

Making sushi is so fun :) Good times Tracy! Glad you got to go to that.

jamie hixon said...

That looks like fun, and you did great! That is SO funny that you were in a class with the PIANO GUYS. Ha! They just played here in Mesa to a sold out audience, and you were making sushi with them... nbd.