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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 222

Last night I went in for a much needed massage. I have been going to this place long enough that I feel like lots of people are starting to know me there. I like it... it's like a new circle of friends. I already knew my one friend that does hair, but now my massage therapist is my friend and the girl that was doing my waxing is my friend too. As soon as I came in all of them were like... oh my gosh you are back! How was your trip!? How did it go traveling with your ex boyfriend! Ha ha... makes me feel kind of special that people care. I like making new friends. Boy did I need that massage after that trip! I was SO bummed to have to cancel last week because of the work conference. After sleeping on crappy beds, buses and planes and carrying around a big backpack... I needed that massage.

Still watching Chuck since I took that two week break. I'm SO close to being done though. One more season left. I'm ready for a new show. Still not sure what it is going to be yet.

I got some interesting messages on Tinder this week. If nothing else Tinder brings entertainment, that is what I always tell people... but I'm always hoping it is going to bring me dates. Feels like I go through phases. I either get a lot or none. Two top messages this week.... a guy that I have talked to for a little bit is already VERY attached and we haven't even met. How do you get attached that quickly? Or is he trying to just win me over and thinks this is going to work?

The other one is my favorite. I came across a profile that was a stock photo and his name was Mr. Compliments! He said if you swiped right to him that you are guaranteed a compliment. I almost didn't do it because I thought that was silly... but then I was like... no, this is awesome and I want to see what my compliment is. I love compliments after all. This is why I bought them at the ward auction. He said to be patient and he can take a while because he is busy, but I got my compliment right away. I thought it was a great one too. Here is what Mr. Compliments said to me.

Great right? He also started following me on Instagram and likes most of my pictures. If you follow him, he will slowly give funny clues to reveal who he is.... you better believe I am following. Just so curious! Anyway, I thought it was great, Gave me a smile.

Speaking of dating... have I told you I am open to any opportunity that comes my way? I gave my number to my massage therapist to give to her neighbor who is single. I tell people to set me up all the time, but sadly it rarely ever happens. I have tried online. I obviously do the Tinder thing. My latest new thing? I applied to be the Mormon Bachelorette for it's 5th season which they are working with LDS Matchmaker.  I had my Skype interview today and now I have to make a 2 min video of myself. I really doubt I will be chosen because most of the girls that go on there are like models... but whatever, you never know unless you try.... and we all can't say that I don't try. My friend Erin is the host and co-producer of the show. I asked her if I should sign up, if I would be a good candidate. She said yes.... we have had some heart to hearts about dating since she was in my same shoes until she got married at 32. Anyway... I'm sure she was just being nice. We shall see.

I started Insanity the other day. When I say I started what I really mean is... it was just the fitness test before you start which is a half hour. It about killed me. I don't know if I will do it every day, but I think I would like to do a couple a week while doing other work outs other days. I don't know what my problem is, but since I got back from Peru my motivation to work out is at about a 2. I mean, the idea of it was exciting when I got back. When I do it of course I feel great, but I need to do something to get my motivation back and doing it regularly again. I think it's just because I'm out of shape again from going out of town and out of my regular schedule. I will get back... I just need a little push.

On Sunday my cousin and his family and my aunt came to my parents house for dinner. I love my family. All of them. They are just great and I really enjoy being around them. I feel lucky to be close to so many of them. While talking to my aunt, the subject of selfies came up and she didn't know what it was. I taught her how to take a selfie and it was so funny watching her go around and take selfies with her son and mom and brother (my dad). My family is great. :)

I suck a crosswords. They make me feel dumb. My roommate does them a lot. Sometimes she asks me about some and I totally get them, but I was like, oh... I should totally download that app and do crosswords. Do I did... but then I just felt like an idiot because my brain just doesn't think that way. So maybe I should delete the app so I don't feel bad about myself. Or maybe I should just keep trying because maybe I will get better and then I will feel smarter? Ha ha... I don't know.

This last weekend I focused on Project Patio. Making over my patio and replanting all of my pots and such. My parents were nice enough to help me with a couple of projects and shopping for those projects. They are the best. It looks great. I just need some last final touches before I take pictures and do the big reveal of my cute patio. I have been posting little things on Instagram to get people excited for the finish product though. I don't know if other people are as excited about it as I am, but whatever. Who cares. ha ha.

Tonight I went to my first of hopefully many outdoor concerts. It was held in the beautiful little backyard in Provo. My neighbors (and friends) Ben and James were two of 4 or 5 performers/ groups that played cover songs on the the piano or guitar or both. I thought what they did was really cleaver and fun. The hooked up a computer and displayed the screen next to the stage. They would give the options of the cover songs that were going to be played and would have the audience text the number that showed next to that song. The votes showed up on the screen next to the song. Whatever song got the most votes went first and that group or performer would get up and play that song and the show went in order of the votes. Cool right? It was fun and everyone did an amazing job. I loved all the music and I was glad I went... even though I went by myself and sat by myself. ha ha. I just enjoyed being outside and listening to great music. The only thing I thought they were missing were some mood lighting in the yard. It was great. Here are my friends Ben and James. Both talented musicians.

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jamie hixon said...

I consider myself smart, and I am not great at crosswords. I think you have to do them a lot to be good. I've been in the room with people while they do their crosswords and I'm like "how did you ever get that clue?" and they're like "oh, I know this random weird word because it is in crosswords all the time." I prefer the jumble.

Fun about the concert... I only give concerts to my kids. Aaaand they are usually entirely made up of Frozen songs. That we all sing together.

I could totally picture Aunt Brenda going around taking selfies with everyone. She is so fun.

Mr. Compliments is awesome! I hope you find out who he really is someday.

VERONICA MARS. How many times must I recommend it? What is wrong with you?