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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 221

I seriously can't believe that I have been home from Peru for a week. In a way it seems like I was just there... in another way, it seems like I never went, but I always feel that way when I get back from trips. If I didn't have a million pictures to prove it, it almost seems like it was a dream. Sad how quickly you go back to normal life. I wonder if John feels the same about me being there. He is probably very used to being by himself again.

On Saturday I went to the fish store. Everyone there seemed to know my cousin, Dave, and know more about his life than I do. Sad? Weird? I don't know. All I know is that I have gone into the fish store enough times stressed out about my tank that the guy that runs the fish store finally came over tonight to check out my tank to see if it was really as bad as I was making it out to be. I guess it isn't. He cleaned it up a bit for me and told me I need a new air stone in my protein skimmer and I need some more crabs to help get rid of the green algae but besides that... I am good to go to get coral and other fish! Woot woot! That guys is awesome and I will be making him a treat for when I go into the fish store next.

So obviously I took a 2 week break from watching Chuck. Back watching and now on Season 4, this season and one more to go. It's been cute... but  haven't been hooked like other shows. It's entertaining though and fun to have on in the background while doing other stuff.

Right before I went to Peru, I got a manicure. It was the first time I have tried getting shellac on my nails. She told me they wouldn't chip on my trip and so I figured I would give them a go. I kind of love it. It makes your nails thick and smooth and they really don't chip. They just grow out. I have now had them on my nails for 3 weeks and they look as perfect as when I first got them done... except that they are looking grown out. I need to cut them. Not sure how to take shellac off of my nails. I'm not used to having my nails this long anymore. I usually cut them real short every week and paint them a new color.

On my way to and from Peru I really got to catch up on some movies that I didn't see. Some I wanted to see while they were in the theater and other's I didn't care and watched out of boredom. I flew from Salt Lake to LA to Houston to Lima. On the way there my flight from Houston to Lima was the only one I could watch movies on. I watched Delivery Man, The Book Thief and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Yeah, that flight is 6 1/2 hours long. So on my way back (which was red eye) I watched most of the Lego movie... but fell asleep somewhere in the middle. But then I also could watch movies on my flight from Houston to LA which gave me another 3 1/2 hours of movie time. I watched Anchor Man 2 and Last Love... which I had never heard of... and it was ok. It kept me distracted until we landed. That's the point right? I'm thankful for movies on the plane.

Yesterday and today we had a work conference. 9 people flew in from Seattle and we met up at the manager over Legal's cabin (up Provo Canyon) and stayed there all day and talked about everyone's rolls in the legal department and what can be improved and how we can work better together. The meetings were actually very boring, but it was fun to meet the people from Seattle and it was nice to get away from the office for a couple of days and go up the mountain to the cabin. Also lots of good food was provided. We went out to lunch in Midway today at a Mexican place that has a salsa bar. I have eaten there many times before. SO good! Last night we went to Sundance and took the ski lift and explored and then had dinner there... which I never had before. YUM!!! So good. We estimated that each person was about $40 - $45 a plate and that total the bill had to be about $1500 since they also ordered a few bottles of wine. DANG! I could get a new laptop for that amount of money. I will blog more about all of this later.

As much as I love traveling... and I LOVE traveling, a lot of things about it... there are also a lot of things I appreciate about coming home. Having something besides bread and jam for breakfast. Having salads again. Not sleeping on a bus or plane.... sleeping in my own bed. Warm showers. Normal bathrooms... that is probably the biggest one to be honest, public bathrooms in other countries are THE WORST! For real... in Peru there were never toilet seats on the toilets so you always had to squat. I hate that. I hate having to pay to use a crappy (pun intended) bathroom. This is totally TMI, but I can hold it... I can hold it WAY longer than the average person. However, when it is that time of the month, you have no choice and you are forced to deal with what you have, which most of the time is not great.... not great at all. I also appreciate getting to exercise again. There are a lot of things I miss about the travel life though. I will just have to reminisce through my pictures and video.... which you will see soon.

I think most people are guilty of taking selfies. In my opinion, there are some selfies that I completely acceptable and others that are just weird and or annoying. Acceptable selfies to me would be if you want to take a picture with a friend and there is nobody else around to take it or you don't want to bug anyone to take it. A picture of yourself in the mirror if you are pregnant because there is nobody around to take it. A picture of yourself after you get your hair done as long as you are not making a duck face. If you are traveling by yourself and want a picture of yourself in front of something awesome and again... not wanting to bug anyone to take a picture. When are selfies annoying and or out of control? A picture of yourself with the caption "It's just one of those days" just for an excuse to take a picture of yourself. Or pictures of yourself making cheesy or serious pictures in the mirror because you think you look cute in your outfit and you want everyone else to validate how you feel. Lot's of pictures of yourself for no reason at all. I felt like while I was in Peru I saw a lot of selfies getting out of control. I saw a lot of locals taking pictures of themselves sitting in their seat on the plane. Lot's of selfies in the airport. The worst case I saw though was in Puerto Maldonado. John and I were waiting for our boat ride out of the Amazon. We were next to these two Peruvian girls that were also waiting for the boat. The girls were giggles and taking selfies of themselves while smiling, being serious and giving peace signs... every once in a while adjusting their hair and laughing the entire time we were waiting for the boat which was a good half hour. Once we all got on the boat, their selfies continued for almost the entire hour boat ride. The only time they would stop taking selfies is when they stopped to look at the pictures they just took of themselves (which all pretty much had to look the same) and giggle and go right back to it. I just watched in amazement. What do you do with 100 pictures of yourselves that all look the same? Don't you think you would get tired of taking pictures of yourself? Why not at least switch it up and through in different poses or faces? Are these all going on Facebook? Are people impressed by these pictures and that is why people take them? All of these thoughts went through my mind as I watched the Peruvian girls selfies go down for over an hour. Wow... just wow.



Lori said...

I always squat at every toilet in public :) Our culture is actually the odd one out when it comes to that I'm afraid.
Funny selfie story... I never even knew what a selfie was until like a month or so ago. To each his own I guess.

jamie hixon said...

You know, the thing that makes me sad about that selfie story is that they never stopped, so they couldn't enjoy the boat ride. LIVE YOUR LIFE PEOPLE!

Maybe plane tickets factor in all the movies you will see while on board...

I have heard that the shellac removal process makes your nails really weak. I've never wanted to even try it, because thinking about the removal gives me the shivers.