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Monday, May 19, 2014

Peruvian Shoes

When I travel somewhere out of the country, I'm always excited to to get souvenir's. Whatever the popular thing is to get there. Although it also has to be something that I would actually use or wear or whatever. Sometimes I debate in my mind the entire time I am there if I want to get a certain thing. I think it is cool at the time when I am there and everyone is wearing it, but will I still think it is cool when I get home? Sometimes I leave the country and I talk myself out of getting the souvenir and I regret it a little bit when I get home. When I left India I wished that I would have bought a sari. I feel like there was something on my last trip, but I can't think of it right now.

Well, on this trip John was surprised with my lack of shopping in the beginning. He kept asking me if I wanted to shop... I would say no. Partially because I like to look around for a little while before I decide what I want. I knew I wanted Alpaca stuff... because that was the thing there. I got it. A few things, but there were other things that I thought were cool and talked myself out of getting. On of which were these cool Alpaca backpacks and bags. I feel like I could use a little duffel bag for weekend trips instead of having to lug around a big backpack or suitcase. They were cute too... but alas I didn't get one. I also debated with getting a flute... but when I saw John with the one he bought and how much he struggled to play it (when he used to play the saxophone) I figured it would be a waste... but a part of me wishes I would have.

The other thing was the shoes. They draw you in. How could they not! They are so colorful. I kind of wanted a pair right away. I kept telling myself not to get a pair. How would I choose? Would I ACTUALLY wear them once I got home... I mean really? They are kind of out of my style... what is my style? I'm not even sure. I'm still not sure if I still regret not getting a pair, but at least I got a picture. They are pretty cool.


Lynette Mills said...

I thought for sure at the end of your post you would have a pair of those shoes!

Katie Houston said...

Those shoes are AMAZING!

Lori said...

They have some style down there! Love the colors:) would never wear them though....

jamie hixon said...

Taking pictures is always a good idea. Those would have been REALLY good for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Seriously!