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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 248

Wowzers! It's December! It sure hasn't felt like it. Thanksgiving weekend was beautiful and this entire next week is going to be in the 50's! No snow in site. I don't mind... but I know people around here like their snow for Christmas. I'm just loving how warm it has been. I still don't even leave the house with a coat yet. No complaining here!

I finished Gilmore Girls. Loved the show... but I didn't love the ending as much as I was hoping I would. I pretty much always feel that way with drama shows that went on for years. I don't think I will start another show until after Christmas. For now... I think it is time to start watching Christmas movies again. Remember last year how I tried to watch all the Christmas movies on Netflix? I watched like 50 movies or something like that and didn't even come close. So many Christmas movies. I don't think I will make a goal this year... but I am going to watch them instead of starting another show. I watched one today on Netflix called "Happy Christmas". It's hardly a Christmas movie and I hated it. A lot. Don't watch it. After I finished Gilmore Girls I started listening to a bunch of TED talks. Nice little change. I like me a good TED talk... sometimes it is hard to find interesting ones, so I had my friend Allyson send me links to all her favorites. I enjoy them.

Speaking of Christmas, I had also started listening to my Christmas music in my car and on Saturday I set up all my Christmas stuff around the house (which isn't a lot) and set up my new Christmas tree... which is beautiful. I haven't decorated it yet though because I am just going to have to take it down again to put up at the Christmas party that we have been busy planning and shopping and crafting for. Tomorrow is going to be the final prep day for the party and then Saturday is show time. I hope everything turns out the way I vision it to and that people come and have a great time. I will take lots of pictures and blog all about it.

I have been LOVING my new car. Oh what a difference it makes. I didn't think I would fall in love with a car that is EVERYTHING that I wanted and didn't even know that I wanted. But I did. I really love my car and many great adventures lay ahead in that car. I usually hate driving, but lately... I enjoy it. And my new car gets awesome gas mileage. NOW.... I just need to sell my old car. I haven't even started getting it together. I need to wash it and clean the inside and get the rest of my crap off... take off the race stickers and get together the title and paperwork... take some pictures and put an add up on KSL. I hope once I do all of that it sells quickly. I hear this isn't the best time of year to sell your car. Oh well... is what it is.

Saturday night I hung out with John's family. His brother  and his finance were in town for Thanksgiving (I hung out with them lots last year when they came for Christmas) and his parents bought a new fire pit for the backyard... so we sat out there and ate S'more's and drank hot chocolate while we chatted. It was fun.

I have been feeling a little sick. We had so much family under one roof... I probably got it from one of the kids. I tried to get rid of it before it hit hard... it never hit hard, but it hasn't exactly gone away either. It is just lingering. Kind of annoying, but it could be worse, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

I ordered my Italy & Greece book for both Allison and I. Turns out you get a better deal on Cyber Monday. It was like half off. I didn't think about checking until day of. Glad I did. A lot cheaper. I should be getting it in the next couple of days. I'm excited to see it, hope I love it as much as my other ones. Now I just need to make our video. Maybe I will have more time during Christmas break (not that I get a long break).

This week has been busy because I had tithing settlement tonight, along with putting together the ward Christmas party this Saturday and then Tuesday was our work Christmas party. Getting it all over with in the first week of December. Kind of crazy. Hope I have plenty else to look forward to the rest of the month. I will be happy to not have to think about the ward Christmas party anymore. Our work party was pretty low key. They don't give us a budget for Christmas parties anymore... so we just do it on our own up at the head over the Legal department's cabin up Provo Canyon and then we make is a pot luck. One thing my department doesn't mess around with is food. Everyone made really yummy dishes! We had ham and chili and enchiladas and salad and dutch oven cheesy potatoes, spinach and cheese crescent rolls and little muffins, chips and dip and brownies and my yummy chocolate peppermint trifle which was a big hit. All of the food was so good. We stuffed our faces while enjoying the beautiful cabin and the cozy fire place and then did our white elephant gift exchange. It was a fun little party and then we went home early which was also great. I have to say that I LOVE that my department does our Christmas parties during work. That way I don't have to worry about bringing someone because everyone else would be bringing their spouses AND this way I get paid to party AND I get to leave early. Also don't have to work. I also love that we leave and go to the cabin... makes it feel like we are getting away even though it's not that far away. It's really a win win win win. :)

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jamie hixon said...

Ooh, that cabin looks so inviting.

I'm glad you love your car. One day we will get a new one, but we are good cramming into the one we have for now.

TED talks are the best! I always feel so much smarter after I see them. If you haven't seen the one by Susan Cain, I would recommend it.