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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Nephi Shooting Range - Take 2

John and I have been talking about going shooting again for about a month. It hasn't worked out until today because of plans or weather. You would never know it was December... it's been in the 50's. It's awesome. It was a beautiful morning for shooting. It was just John and I that went this time. We hadn't been to the Nephi shooting range since last December when we went with his brother and his now fiancé. It was all covered in snow then.

John and I took turns throwing the clay pigeons for each other while the other one would shoot. I got pretty good at throwing the clay pigeons. Obviously John shoots WAY better than I did. I did better in the beginning and shot like 8 clay pigeons... but as my arms got tired I wasn't able to hit them anymore. So I just stuck to throwing for John. Although he did set out a box for me to shoot so I felt better about myself. So sweet of him.

We had a great time shooting, cleaned up and went home. It was fun. I'm glad we went because the rest of my day was kind of stressful with setting up for the Christmas Party... which I will blog about later. Plus, John and I always have fun together. Until next time. P.S. I look like a fatty in this picture with John, but oh well.. got to document.


Jessica Stark said...

You look great! And I don't know why you two aren't together! You seem perfect for each other!😉

jamie hixon said...

That last picture makes me want to recruit you for my zombie apocalypse team! Woot.