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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mr. Emotional Basket Case - Part 2

I feel so sad that there is a part 2 to Mr. Emotional Basket Case. Why? It means It has been a year a half and I am still dealing with this emotional mess. After I last wrote about him... I didn't hear from him for a while... but that is just how he is. I don't hear from him for a while and then he comes back randomly. I somehow turned from a person of interest into his therapist. He would call me or come over to talk about everything going wrong in his dating life and so on and so forth. I NEVER contact him. Not ever. I never think about him when he isn't randomly texting or calling me or showing up at my house. I really think he is emotionally unstable, so I mostly respond out of pity. I mean if he is contacting me, someone he doesn't really have a history or strong friendship with for his problems... he must not have many friends.

The last time I had head from him/ given him a therapy session was about 2 or 3 months ago. Then the night before my birthday I get a call from him. I was in the movies with my roommates... so I didn't answer, but I saw who was calling me. I thought, maybe Mr. Emotional Basket Case is wishing me a happy birthday. That of course would mean that he would be calling me with no agenda... that never happens. Of course that was wishful thinking. After the movie was over, on the drive home my roommates and I listened to this message left on my answering machine from Mr. Emotional Basket Case.

"Good Evening Miss..... Mills. Hope you're doing good. I've seen some nice pictures of you on Facebook and I think you're doing awesome. Hey I was just uh....uh.........uh...... I'm having a hard time. I got a feeling that you probably know why. And uh.... I'm doing ok. Actually I'm doing really good. Doing great........ A lot of confusion....... a lot of sadness........... Actually there's really no confusion. But I'm moving on. Anyway I ...... was.... kinda wanting someone to talk to....... but at the same time.... I think I need to quit talkin ..... and move on. Hey! Anyway I don't want this phone call to be a downer for ya. I hope you're doing awesome and doing good... uhh....  I don't want you to worry about me and .... uhh.... I hope you're having a good night wherever you are. I think I'm going to go swing by Institute...... Maybe go country dancing tonight I guess........... always enjoyed that. So I'll talk to you later. Thanks. Bye. "

When I listened to the message I just laughed. It is so typical of Mr. Emotional Basket Case. You see where he gets his name? I did end up talking to him later to see why he was so distraught and it was because the girl that broke up with him 3 months ago (what our last therapy session was about) was engaged to another guy and he was having a hard time/ doing great.

Well, I got a text message from him today. Whenever I see his name pop up on my phone I think... what does he want now. Probably not something you want people to think when you contact them.

You don't ask anyone for anything? The only time you contact me is because you need something! Our "friendship" is you draining me of emotional energy and you not caring about whats going on with me at all.... but what do you need? Please continue...

Where would he get the idea that I am interested in him at all? That by him passive aggressively asking me to take his pictures would be leading me on when I never EVER contact him, let alone think about him when he isn't bugging me for emotional support. Yeah..... ok. Was I too harsh? ha ha


Lynette Mills said...

Poor guy

jamie hixon said...

Not too harsh. Man, people need to figure out their feelings. Honestly, I wish more people saw therapists.