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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Oh Holy Night

We had our Christmas program on Sunday. Last I volunteered to be in a small group to sing in the program. There were no real plans when I showed up, but they mentioned they wanted to sing "Oh Holy Night". They wanted to just make it up, but I suggested using music that I already had. It's a beautiful arrangement that I love that I sang with my mom and sister. I figured we could make the men work into the music even though it was written for women's 3 part harmony. Also, last minute... Jasmine in my ward made up a violin part to go with the music which I thought sounded awesome. So even though I have sung this before, it was like a new arrangement. I thought it went well.

I had it recorded. The recording doesn't sound as great as it did in person... but it is what it is. At least you can hear the violin part. So here's our little group.

For some reason the coding isn't working to play the clip straight on my blog, so you can listen to it here.


jamie hixon said...

Fun! I'm not sure if I'm the sister you are talking about because I don't remember... isn't that awful? Anyway, the violin part sounds AMAZING. How fun.

Tracy Mills said...

Jamie, yes it was you! We even made a recording of it! ha ha