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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Dinner Party

I'm all about tradition... and dinner parties, so I did another Christmas dinner party like the past two years. I invited Tara and Sara again since all of our family is in Utah, we don't leave town like everyone else... so it's been a nice tradition for all of us for something fun and festive to do close to Christmas. I also invited Dallin who is also around for Christmas this year and Ian (my co-chair) who is also not going home from Christmas because his family is coming here. I have been hanging out with Ian more and more because I just think the world of him. He is fun.

I love moving the table into the living room and having the room just lit by Christmas lights and candles. I have always been all about ambiance though.

We had another great menu this year. I of course will post all of the recipes later, but I tried all new recipes from Pinterest again and they were all awesome! Sara also likes to cook and try new recipes from Pinterest, so she brought two side dishes. Asparagus and a squash dish. Both good. I had Dallin bring the fancy drinks, Tara brought a delicious salad. Ian was a last minute invite so I told him he didn't have to bring anything... but he brought a "fancy chips and dip" ha ha. It was all great. I made the main course. The most amazing and easy to make chicken. I also made some greek yogurt biscuits and a peppermint cheesecake (in cups) dessert. They were all amazing and I would make them again for sure.

Everyone enjoyed the dinner.... and the company. People came over at 6:30 and didn't leave until around 10. It was great! I love this tradition and plan on continuing to do it every year.

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jamie hixon said...

So fun! It looks beautiful too. You are such a great hostess.