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Monday, December 8, 2014

Family Love

Since my entire family was together for Thanksgiving, we took family pictures the day after Thanksgiving. We are not all together very often, so have to take advantage of the times that we are. Since our last family picture, two more kids were added to the family. Come March, our family picture will be outdated again since my sister Lori is currently pregnant with baby girl Wrenn. Oh well, so it goes.

It was a perfect day for pictures. The weather was awesome. We were at a park so the kids could play while waiting around for pictures to be taken. Also the park had this cute little cabin and wagon. Also... I have to say that I did a great job picking out the colors. ;) love the pops of mustard. I just think it turned out cute. With this many people, family pictures get harder and harder to take and I don't think this photo shoot could have gone any better. I also have to add that I have a really good looking family. Seriously. This is really judgemental of me to say, but there was another family that came to take pictures in the same spot that we were using and I thought... our family is so much better looking. Ha. I know. Not nice. Plus all of my siblings have had the cutest kids. Hopefully one day when I have kids they will be just as cute as all of my nieces and nephews. My brother in law Dan took all of the pictures and did an amazing job as always. Since I love all the pictures so much and love my family so much.... I'm going to show off each family's pictures. In order. When I get the big family picture all together I will post that one too.

Kristy's cute family.

Lori's cute family.

Jamie's cute family (I always love her family outfit color coordination) PS Dan didn't post their family pics so I had to grab one that Lori took of them. There were more cute ones!

Me (the lonely single one of the family)

Chad's cute family.

All my ADORABLE nieces and nephews that I love to pieces.

Me and my siblings that I love so much. (Whenever I take pictures with my siblings I wonder why I didn't end up with blonde hair like everyone else)

The Mills family. I requested to take this picture since I don't have my own family. Love them so much.


Gary said...

You are so right, Tracy. It's a beautiful family, inside and out. (He says with some hidden prejudice)

Lynette Mills said...

Ha! Gary, you are funny. I'm wondering if we will get one of the whole family?

jamie hixon said...

Oh, I WONDER WHY MY FAMILY PICTURES DIDN'T GET POSTED? Could it be that I didn't approve any of them to be seen by anyone ever? But thanks so much for posting one, excuse me while I go jog on the treadmill for one million years.

But yeah, the rest of them turned out nice.