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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Temple Square Christmas Lights - Take 5

I love going to see the lights at Temple Square at Christmas time. I try to go every year and I typically  make it. Last year I went with the ward and John. Since I have to go to ward counsel now, I knew they were planning to go as a ward again and so I was waiting for that. Instead, last minute we went to Salem pond... Allison and I were a little disappointed. So we made the trip ourselves and invited Dallin to come along with us.

This year was not even close to being as cold as it was when we went last year. It was so cold last year that it made it almost a miserable experience instead of a good one. This year.... we still hadn't had snow yet and the cold was very bearable. Although it was crowded as it typically is, we had fun walking around and admiring the beautiful lights and taking pictures and then we drove home. So glad that I had friends that wanted to go with me because I would have hated missing out on the lights.

The first picture below I stole from my friend Nicole's husband off of Facebook because I loved it so much. The rest of the pictures are mine. :)

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jamie hixon said...

So pretty! I'm a little sad we didn't make it to the Mesa lights this year. I'm glad it wasn't so cold for you.