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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 276

Today I had lunch with my previous co-worker, Lauren. Boy do I miss her. I miss having her around to chat with, I miss having her as a gym buddy... she is a good friend and was so great to work with for 3 years. We love the summer when the stream at work is full and running and we love the Thursday BBQ's outside, especially when it is salmon. Well, today was salmon so I told her and she came down and we had lunch together like old times... except her kids were there. ha ha. It was nice though. I love her kids, they are adorable. We had a great chat. So glad we have kept in touch.

Went to the fish store to get more water and fish food and such. The fish store is a quick trip if just Shaun is there. But if Angela (his wife) is there with him or without him... she LOVES to chat. This time I was there for almost an hour.... hearing about her kids drama and her drama with her kids parents and so on and so forth. Nobody else was in the store... so it's hard for me to leave. Even when I tell her I need to go she will still keep chatting. She is really nice and I like her a lot, both of them, they are awesome. I just have to prepare to be there for a long time sometimes. ha ha.

Finished watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I HATED it. The ending was the worst I have seen in a while. Ugh. Gladly time for a new show. I also watched a couple of redbox movies with my roommates. One of them was The Duff. SO funny. Liked that one a lot. The other one was some new time travel movie. I thought that one was weird... and kind of dumb. I forget what it was even called. I watch so much stuff.

I layed out at the Glenwood pool on Tuesday. It's great, I just drive over there and walk in the pool like I belong there and nobody ever asks any questions. Going after work is great too because it isn't crowded at all. You can always get a chair and a great place in the sun. It was nice to just lay out for an hour after work. Gotta work on that tan. Tanning is hard work for me. HA!

Health plan has been going really well. Shantelle, my health coach would be really proud of me. I have tracked everything I eat in MyFitness Pal and have really been trying to reach my step goal everyday and even started going back to the gym on my lunch break since it is now too hot to run outside after work. Also try and go on walks with people as often as I can. I feel a lot better. Obviously I won't notice any weight loss for a while, but I can tell my body is happier. When I eat crappy, my body feels crappy. I like NOT feeling crappy. You wouldn't think that would be so hard... but junk food just tastes so darn good... it's just so hard to resist.

I finally had my trade with Ali. I hadn't had my eyelashes filled since before my trip. It had been 7 weeks! Most people don't like going more than 4 weeks without getting them filled. I feel like I have my eyes back. ha ha. I don't ever make a big deal when she has stuff come up and has to cancel our appointment because I understand, and it's not that big of a deal... they are just eyelashes, but it is sure nice to have them filled. I'm sure other people don't notice that much, but I certainly do.

Stacey posted one of the pics I took of him for the church directory on his Instagram and tagged me as the photographer. Whenever he tags me on Instagram, I get a bunch of people looking at my Instagram. In fact, after he tagged me, I had 12 more people follow me on Instagram. Ha! The power of a little fame. I don't hate it. I'm flattered whenever anyone posts pictures of me or with me or tags me. I like feeling special.... that someone else thinks I'm cool enough that they want to show me off to the rest of their friends ... or in Stacey's case, his fans.

I already blogged about my weekend, how I explored the mountains and hung out with my friends at dinner and Summerfest (with fireworks). So.... I guess that is it for me, until next week. 

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jamie hixon said...

Thanks for the warning about that teenager show- I will steer clear. :) But if you liked the Duff I'll have to check it out.