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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Strawberry Day's Rodeo - Take 2

I really think this is like take 4 or 5... but we will just say take 2 and go off of the great time I had at the Strawberry Day's Rodeo last year.

This evening didn't really go as planned. My family was supposed to come and so were a group of friends from my ward... but nobody bought their tickets ahead of time and the rodeo sold out, so none of them got in. I went early to save seats for everyone. I would have ended up a lone had Allison not bought her ticket a couple of hours before the show. So did Becca who decided to come last minute because we had been hanging out earlier that day... which I will blog about. So, thank goodness for that. We had a good time and kept the tradition of looking for cute cowboys. We could see them better last year I feel like. Oh well. Also had to have some strawberries and cream. One of the best things about going to strawberry days. I also love going on Saturday because they have the fireworks after the rodeo. My second firework show of the summer.

It was a typical rodeo. My favorite events are the bull riding, the wild cow milking and I was SO happy they brought back the dirt bike stunt men! I love them. Rodeo's are a fun summer activity. Glad I went even if the night didn't turn out as planned.

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jamie hixon said...

I'm so sorry (for myself as well) that we didn't make it! We did try! I think we would have had to leave well before the fireworks, which would have been a bummer... but everything looks so fun. I was looking forward to all that stuff. ;(