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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Road Trip to Wyoming

Picked up this guy Andy I didn't know and went with a few of my friends on a road trip to Wyoming. I wanted to take a break from the car and get a quick pictures in front of the Wyoming sign. Not sure it was worth it....

Fun Fact/ Not so Fun Fact. I guess I should have known by the looks of my car, but when we got out to take this picture, we were viciously attacked by mosquito . In less 3 minutes that we hopped out of the car and took this picture and got back in the car, I have close to 100 mosquito bites, most of which are on my legs. I was not the only one. It was gross. I am still feeling that decision to stop and take that picture.

1 comment:

jamie hixon said...

"Welcome to Wyoming! Now leave before we drain you of all of your blood."